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Florence Aihe, PMP

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Thank you very much Cornelius for your prompt response. Cheers
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Cornelius Fichtner

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The Inputs, Tools & Techniques and Outputs are listed in the PMBOK Guide for each of the 42 processes.

Simply put they define what you need to start the process, how you perform the activities in the process and then what you will end up with once you are done.

In everyday terms: Each of the 42 processes in the PMBOK Guide is like a recipe in a cookbook:
- Input: you need eggs, flour & sugar
- T&T: You have to mix them together, then bake the mix in an oven
- Output: You will have a cake

You can find the following definitions in the PMBOK Glossary:

** Input [Process Input]. Any item, whether internal or external to the project that is required by a process before that process proceeds. May be an output from a predecessor process.

** Technique. A defined systematic procedure employed by a human resource to perform an activity to produce a product or result or deliver a service, and that may employ one or more tools.

** Output [Process Output]. A product, result, or service generated by a process. May be an input to a successor process.
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Florence Aihe, PMP

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I have a question. The knowledge areas of the PMPBOK book has INPUTS, TOOLS & TECHNIQUES and OUTPUTS for each of the knowledge areas. Literarily, I very much understand what those words mean, but I could not put the words together to understand what they mean in the context of PMBOK.

Kindly explain to me; when I see Inputs, Tools & Techniques and Outputs what they actually mean in PMBOK context. Thanks

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