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1 year 4 months ago #29380

Joel Surtida

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Hi Karen,

I recently passed the PMP exams with ATs on all 3 domains, something that I was not expecting at all. I know I would pass it, but not that well. I know what you're going thru and believe me, a lot of PMP aspirants can relate to it.
What really helped me in the last few weeks before my exam, I concentrated on answering as many PrepCast questions as much as I can. I did a total of 1,400 plus questions and my scores were not even in the high 60s It was
really disappointing and I was stressing out! But I kept taking those questions and although I didn't even pass one exam simulator, what it did is it "trained" my mind to think like a PM based on PMI standards. And that helped me
PASS my exams. Keep taking the PrepCast simulator exams. You'd be surprised when you take the test, you're well prepared for it. Good luck with your upcoming test!
1 year 4 months ago #29375

Karen Gibbs

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Thanks so much. It is next week. I'm ready!! (positive thinking)
1 year 5 months ago #29345


's Avatar

hi Karen
I think formula questions do not show up that much these days so don't stress out about them. focus on taking as many quizzes you can plus do some extra Agile questions.
There is no chapter on personality traits in my memory, or at least i did not see any question on that.
best of luck ! you got this
1 year 5 months ago #29333

Brad Pennington, PMP

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I took the exam in late 2020, so my information may be a bit outdated, but here are my tips…

1) Pay no attention to the PMI practice exam(s). They did not match the question format, content, or difficulty of the real exam and served only to break my confidence a few weeks before the exam. Not sure what personality traits you’re referring to (MBTI possibly?) but this level of detail was not on the exam, even in the few HR-related questions I had.

2) I remember having two questions on which I had to solve math problems. Yes, it will serve you well to know all of the formulas. If you haven’t accessed it yet, PrepCast has a great formula sheet you can download for a nominal fee. I used it to create my own blank formula sheet and filled in the boxes many times while preparing for the exam.

3) The most accurate representation of the actual test questions were the PrepCast mock exam questions. They were very similar in format, question length, content, and difficulty. Other than attempting a PMI practice exam one time, my only resource was PrepCast, and I passed with 5x AT on my first attempt, so they’re doing something right.

Let me know if you have further questions, and best of luck on your exam!
1 year 5 months ago #29327

Karen Gibbs

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I don't have a great memory, I have to really work at repetitiveness. I've been studying for months & have the general concepts of all 3 methods. I am just about to start the mock exams on here. I've purchased other ones, the ones on PMI training, and every time I think I know my stuff, they have questions on things I've never even heard/read about. I'm seeing several questions on/about:
1) Do we need to memorize/know the 16 personality traits? (EFJK, ISTO, etc.?
2) I know what CPI and SPI and how to calculate good and bad - do I need to know the other math formulas ? (EV, AC, PV, BAC, VAC, etc.)?
3) Are the exam test questions and simulator questions harder than the actual exam (to cover more)?
4) Any other comments/inputs about specifics would be appreciated?
I want to spend my remaining time on what matters!
Thanks so much,

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