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Cornelius Fichtner

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Between now and 2021-Dec-31, we are changing the names of several of our products by removing "2021" from the product name. For example:
- "The PMP Exam Simulator 2021" will become "The PMP Exam Simulator"
- "The PM PrepCast 2021" will become "The PM PrepCast"

We are also renaming and rebranding our "Booster Course for The 2021 PMP Exam" under the new name "The PMP Exam Agile Booster Course".

The change will not affect training lessons, simulator questions or functionality in any way. It's really just a name change. Nothing is required from your end.

This change is made to avoid confusion among our customers who may think the products are only relevant during 2021. Originally, the "2021" suffix was added to the product names a year ago to indicate that they are aligned with the PMP Examination Content Outline (ECO) and the new exam that came into effect on January 1, 2021. Since then, neither the ECO nor the exam has changed. All our products remain aligned with the current exam specifications, and, therefore, the "2021" suffix is no longer needed.

There are potentially three technical effects that this change may have for you:
  1. If you are in the middle of using the product at the time when we make the change, you may get a "page not found" error message. If that happens, please return to the Welcome page and restart your course or simulator.
  2. If you started an exam or quiz before the change has been made and clicked the "End Exam" button after the change has been implemented, you might get a message that says, "There are no articles in this category. If subcategories display on this page, they may have articles." Please see the screenshot below with an example of the message. If that happens, your exam or quiz report is not lost. You will receive it via email (unless you disabled that option). You will also be able to access your report from your simulator page, as you typically do for all of your simulator reports.
  3. If you created a bookmark for any product that has 2021 in the name, that bookmark would no longer work. If that happens, please return to the Welcome page, restart your course or simulator and add a new bookmark.

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