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TOPIC: Passed PMP today with all above target !!

Passed PMP today with all above target !! 3 years 1 week ago #27430

  • Deepa
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Hi All,

I am happy to share that today I passed PMP with AT/AT/AT and would like to thank Prepcast for designing such wonderful content for the simulator exams. Also to others who shared their exam preparation and final exam experience. Thank you all once again.

Things which helped me during the exam:
1) Taking exam at the center helped me a lot as I could comfortable hum the questions and with this my speed of going thru questions was good.
2) Every 15 - 30 minutes I was looking at the clock on the wall as it was easier to see the time moving with the number of questions answered rather than calculating backwards on the screen.
3) My target of answering avg 13-14 questions in 15 min helped me finish the first 60 questions in 75 min which reduced some anxiety for next two sessions.
4) For the preparation I read PMBOK, Agile practice guide, lot of youtube video's in 10 days to understand situational questions.
5) Took all the prepcast exams and prior to that short quizzes of 40-60 questions each time.
6) Went through all the questions answered right and wrong and analyzed the mistakes and read through the reasoning and made notes of minor mistakes I was doing.
7) Last two days of the exam went through all my notes taken for PMBOK and Agile practice guide and other tips.

Hope above information helps other aspirants. Wishing other good luck !!

Thanks again !

Passed PMP today with all above target !! 3 years 1 week ago #27436

  • Elizabeth Harrin
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Congratulations, Deepa!

Thank you for sharing your Lessons Learned. They are very helpful, especially your tips about time management and using the clock.

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Elizabeth Harrin

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Passed PMP today with all above target !! 2 years 10 months ago #27749

  • Gulara Mammadova
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Congratulations. Could you please share the link that you used from youtube video's for understanding situational questions?
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Passed PMP today with all above target !! 2 years 10 months ago #27899

  • Bharathi Bhaskar
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Yesterday (20 July 2021), I cleared my exam with 'Above Target' in all three domains. I wanted to share my experience and learnings with all of you. My eligibility was expiring and I decided quite late to take up an exam. I had just 1.5 months. These helped me. It may/may not work for everyone here. Feel free to take cues and tailor it to your needs.

Exam Pattern (what my set of questions had)

1. 80-90% Agile and Hybrid questions; very few Predictive questions; No ITTOs but know what document does what.
2. Multiple choice, Multiple Select, Drag and Drop, Hotspots
3. Only 1 EMV formula question
4. No 'Least Likely to choose...' type of questions. Questions were pretty straight forward.
5. Most questions:
- What will you do in this situation? - Choose the option that logically will help you, the project, and the other person/situation in question. At times question stem helps greatly. Example: What process will you choose in this situation? Here 'process' is important. It helps you narrow down from the answer options.
- What will you do first in this situation? - Key word: First. This can get tricky as mostly we tend to choose Analyze/Evaluate kind of answers. Example: Sometimes we don't have to assess the impact at all. We may outright reject it also (like gold plating). So, read the question carefully.
6. Most important concepts:
- Servant Leadership
- Virtual Teams & Communication Types - www.pmi.org/learning/library/best-practi...l-project-teams-6038
Personality Type
- Tuckman Ladder - www.projectmanagement.com/b...velopment-...-the-Project-Manager
- Difference between Product Owner, Scrum Master/Agile Coach, Development Team (Point 5 below - Scrum Guide will help clarify this)
- Conflict Resolution - www.pmi.org/learning/library/project-man...lict-resolution-2035

Exam Preparation (how I did)

1. I started with Simplilearn self-learning tutorials. Noted down all points.
2. I attended Tim's live classes.
3. Read Rita and PMBOK 6th edition simultaneously. Example: If I read the Integration chapter, I follow it up with PMBOK section on Integration. You may not enjoy but I was engrossed. It made my basics strong.
4. (Optional) At the end of each chapter, I took a few sample questions from this website. It has around 2500 questions on each topic. It is free and a good way to start answering questions. I didn't do it extensively. Just enough to get around a few questions right in a row. I just took this to see if I understand the concepts. Website Link: lovepmp.com/docs/question/pmp-questions/
5. I read the Agile Practice Guide completely. Initially, I did not understand much. So, I read the Scrum Guide. I recommend to read both 2020 and 2017 versions. They are less than 20-page PDFs. I highly recommend it for every one. This is the base for every question on Agile/Hybrid. Website Link: scrumguides.org/
6. (optional) I enrolled into Prep-Cast. I used this only to fill my knowledge gaps. The reference material that they post with each questions helped me gain more knowledge. It is expensive but I would suggest you to try their 7-day trial. Website Link: www.project-management-prepcast.com/pmp-...e-pmp-exam-simulator (Free Tab on top). There are many free simulators too.
7. Be sure to go through the most recent community threads. They have lots of information and links to many free materials/sample questions.

Exam Experience

1. I took a center-based exam at Pearson.
2. Exam is divided into three parts. Total exam time is 230 mins. At the end of each 60 questions you will have to submit them. You can't revisit. The two 10-min breaks in between are optional.
3. After first 60 questions, the system prompts you to review and submit. Review time is included in the 230 mins. Timer is running. So, don't take your sweet time to review. I reviewed only the flagged questions that I had marked. Hardly 1-2. Exam time runs still you submit your questions. After that prompts to continue exam or take a break starts.
4. Once you submit your set of 60 (1-60, 61-120, 121-180) questions it will ask you if you want to take a break. If yes, your 10-min break time starts. Be sure to take this time to refresh or clear your mind. And, return within 10 mins to resume test. Next set of questions will resume and your exam time continues.
5. Be sure to tell yourself during breaks not to to bother about the submitted questions. Start afresh.
6. I wasn't allowed to carry anything inside the exam room except my passport. However, you can access your locker for eatables. I ensured I quickly visited the rest room, drink some water, sit for 2-mins to reaffirm myself and return. In the second break, I ate some dry fruits too just to avoid hunger.
7. I was asked to wear a mask throughout the exam. Mask, specs was all checked before entering the exam.
8. I didn't do any brain dump at the beginning of the exam. I didn't need it too esp formulas. If you want to, it has to be done only after your first question pops-up. So, I didn't want to waste my time. You can please do if you feel you will forget any formula. I had only 1 formula question. So, I was ok.

Parting Note

My overall experience was exhaustive as I didn't have much time. I struggled my way through figuring out a study plan. But I would say take up as many servant leadership questions as possible. Highly recommend that. While answering questions, I answered them the way I would handle so that my team benefits, my project benefits, my organization doesn't have any impacts (like compliance issues). You will get most of the questions right. It has nothing to do with memorization. All the very best!

Passed PMP today with all above target !! 2 years 9 months ago #27999

  • Robert Anderson
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Well done on passing your PMP.

I have done it before however under frustrating circumstances and failed (my exam was revoked for an unknown reason before I even wrote and then I wrote begrudgingly however PMP gave me a free rewrite).

I need to complete in 3 weeks, is the PMPrep videos and a few exam simulators with questions in between enough?


Passed PMP today with all above target !! 2 years 9 months ago #28000

  • Kyle Kilbride, PMP
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Hi Robert,

Unfortunately there's no easy answer for how much studying / review is enough. The best advice I could give is practice the simulators as if they were the exam, and spend time after each exam to analyze areas you might be struggling with to focus your review.

You can also compare your performance to others' with the statistics. While not a guarantee, it should help provide an indicator of where you stand.

Good luck!
Kyle Kilbride, P.Eng, PMP
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