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TOPIC: Passed PMP all ATs - 40Days prep (My Online Exam Experience)

Passed PMP all ATs - 40Days prep (My Online Exam Experience) 3 years 3 weeks ago #27420

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Hello, I passed PMP yesterday (18-05-21) with AT in all sections using mostly free resources in 40 Days duration. I am a working professional.

First of, thanks to this forum and people who manage it so well. Giving up to date exam experiences and tips. I understood value of such forums from my GMAT experience few years ago. Hence I think it's my responsibility towards students like me who come here to seek clarity; to write this review.

Exam Experience: I had my exam scheduled at 9:45AM, did system check at 9AM to check if things are good. As I was checking in at 9:15AM (you have to check in half hour ago), system runs checks again, but this time it showed my internet was not connected. I opened door and asked my wife it internet was working, she said it just died. Frustrated, I turned on my mobile hotspot and decided to go ahead with cellular internet. I had kept my phone far as I thought they wont allow near the desk. This time internet test was a success and I was able to begin. Interface asked me to take my pic, pic of my id and 4 (front back left and right) pics of my surrounding. Two options 1 webcam , 2 via phone. I clicked my pic with Webcam, same with ID but could not move laptop as my Alienware battery died and I used it on power mode.

Tip1: you should keep phone with you till check in and after check in just put it away and in silent mode. Also its easier to upload surrounding photos using phone than webcam, as you have to lift the laptop and somehow click pics.

Then i went back to phone and on interface clicked previous, selected check in via phone, thankfully my webcam uploads were valid, quickly took room pics. As i was in a side of room, back pic was same as left side close capture. I uploaded all the pics. This is the time you put your phone away, and put it on silent. Now opens a screen which says you are in a queue with some waiting and proctor will check. Basically they just check photos and ID verification. Chat window opened, proctor said hi, and that she could not reach me on my phone. I had put my phone on silent and a bit away. Still she said we can do it over chat. She said i had a napkin on desk which had to be removed. I said done in the chat. After that she said show me. I asked how? She asked to move laptop, I turned laptop cam to desk to show napkin was removed. She said i can now start the exam.

Then you get some 10 min tutorial on how you can use interface, where to find calculator etc. After tutorial you are asked if you want to begin. BTW i was late, my exam was scheduled at 9:45 and i could start on 10AM but don't worry, its ok, it does not reduce exam time. Its just check in sometimes takes longer. But after i clicked start exam, I got that page can not be loaded (dinosaur page) . I knew it was cellular net. I clicked reload once, then three more times and the exam fortunately loaded. and I was happy to see just that i have question 1 on screen.

At question 14 or so, chat window opened and said proctor said, i lost your video feed. I cursed my cellular internet in mind. Proctor said exam will be halted check your internet and join again. I went out of room, asked wife if wifi was back. After a delighting yes , i put on the ethernet in port and baby i was back with 100 mbps. Trust me its a lot in India. So I logged in again through check in link, again there was a queue, this time it took longer 10 people in que and took me 15 mins to get In front. I think someone checked my feed was live and my exam started right where i had left with same time. Then it went smoothly till end.

I got one warning to not open lips. Proctor said it looked like mumbling. I was doing so as i got some noises and was not able to focus. He also said to ask his permission before leaving webcam. After question 60 you get a review screen and once you click end review after reviewing questions, system asks if you want to have a break, you get two buttons saying begin break and another saying continue exam. Remember break time is 10 mins, and if you take more it will be reduced from exam time. I was not sure whether to ask proctor for permission to leave webcam even after i began break. I asked him anyways, i got reply as you may go ahead as you are on break. I asked on both breaks whether i can go. oh yes you can talk to proctor by clicking chat icon and they open a window for you in few seconds. Proctors can change like for me form she to he and then someone with a different name again. I think they manage as a team and answer depending on availability.

Pro tips:
1. Believe in yourself
2. I told you i did all mostly through free resources. how? Get kindle unlimited (its free for a month and i think first time its 2$ for 3 months). Just type PMP and download best books with high ratings. They are free with kindle unlimited and cost a fortune otherwise. you also get mock test books. My favorite was Belindas pocket guide and Abdul Nasirs mock test book.
3. Once you finish a course fully and practice and review around 3k questions i don't think anything can stop you from passing.
4. Rickardos YouTube video on process connections was somewhat helpful. lovepmp .com has some good free questions.
5. Read agile guide (black cover book) and scrum guide published online for free.
6. I can only say the exam questions were mostly situational , not too long and not one linear either mostly.
7. Time management is crucial. I aimed for 60 q in 60 mins and then 13 mins for review.

My linked in case you have any queries: www.linkedin.com/in/akshaydhande/

I typed in haste so excuse the typos. Keep smiling keep rocking :)

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Passed PMP all ATs - 40Days prep (My Online Exam Experience) 3 years 3 weeks ago #27435

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Congratulations, Akshaykumar!

Thank you for sharing your Lessons Learned. They are very helpful, and so detailed, I appreciate it. That tip about taking photos with your phone is very useful. I talk to myself all the time, having to keep my mouth shut is a big effort for me!

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