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3 years 1 week ago #27399

Gabriella Dellino, PMP

Gabriella Dellino, PMP's Avatar

Hi Silvia,

As long as you follow their instructions for the check-in process, I think you should be fine. I took my exam in my bedroom, and I passed the check-in process without any critical issue.
Based on your room description, I would only recommend keeping your desk clean and having all cables and speakers out of arm's reach... just in case.

Good luck!

3 years 1 week ago #27391

Silvia Frigo

Silvia Frigo's Avatar

Hi Kyle,
I did e-mail to Pearson Vue and this is their response:

During the check-in process, you will be asked to take photos of your testing space, which will be checked by a proctor prior to starting your exam. Please ensure that your space is private and secure. If your testing space does not pass a room scan, you will not be permitted to proceed with taking the exam and may forfeit your exam fees.
Additional monitors (and, if applicable, systems) must be unplugged and turned off.
Any visible materials on the wall — including sticky notes, whiteboards, or chalkboards — that look like test reference material may be inspected by your proctor. If necessary, we may intervene or ask you to remove the material, and it could influence your ability to take your exam.

The walls are made of acoustic panels and there are no monitors, only as I said cables and big speakers (unplugged). I would then assume the room should be fine. Happy to hear from anyone's experience! Thank you.
3 years 1 week ago #27390

Kyle Kilbride, PMP

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I would recommend you reach out to Pearson Vue for confirmation. They may ask you to keep all electronic devices out of reach.
3 years 1 week ago #27383

Silvia Frigo

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Hi everyone,
I'm about to book my PMP exam and I have a question about the location from where I would like to take it from.
As my house has not an appropriate space, a friend of mine has offered me to use the rehearsal room where he works. It is an unusual space, but it is acoustically isolated with no windows (I have read that it is better to stay away from them). In the room there are some speakers and cables here and there and a drum. Do you believe it is suitable to take the exam or it could cause me some problems?
Thank you for your advice, I just wish my exam to go as smooth as possible.

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