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Harry Elston

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Here's my advice: Don't . And don't ask a group of professionals to help you either.
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Joe Pang

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To whom it may concern,

Although your case has nothing to do with the PMP even, I have decided to take on this question nonetheless

Let me give you a quick intro to this forum. We are a project manager-based community, and the most valuable currency in our profession is credibility. Some of the best performing PMs I have met have high trust amongst the team. I am sure this applies to many other professions as well

I am very sorry to hear about your situation. Right now you must feel that life is being unfair to you, and no one will judge if you feel that way. At the same time, it is human nature to have thoughts about finding an easy way out, again no one will judge you on this. I just want to give you another perspective: if you get a failing mark, you can always redeem yourself by retaking the course/exam. On the other hand, The thought of having cheated stays with you forever.

Again, not meant to put you down by any means, hopefully expressing my thoughts can help you make a better decision.
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ILPT Request. Zoom exam cheating?

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I have an upcoming zoom exam and an Incident occurred which put me in the hospital for a couple of days. Now, I can't deregister for the exam because the deregistration deadline was when I was in the hospital. I talked to the professors and they say they can't deregister me as they have to follow the rules of the institution. So, I have no choice but to take the exam and the exam is worth a huge chunk of credits. The exam is an oral exam and conducted through zoom with two examiners sitting on the other side. I fully know it's not ethical, but it's really desperation. If I fuck this up, my whole grade will go down as the exam is worth a lot of credits. Can you give any advice on cheating? Any advice will be appreciated.

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