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Denver Martin

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The RACI matrix shows you who is responsible, who is accountable, who is to be consulted, and who is to be informed related to particular work packages.

The roles and responsibilities listed in the subsidiary plans are more broad in one sense because they don't pertain to specific work packages, but on the another hand they go into detail about roles that may not necessarily to relate to work packages. For example, this could be the roles and responsibilities for the Scope Plan:

Approve or deny scope change requests as appropriate
Evaluate need for scope change requests
Accept project deliverables

Project Manager:
Measure and verify project scope
Facilitate scope change requests
Facilitate impact assessments of scope change requests
Organize and facilitate scheduled change control meetings
Communicate outcomes of scope change requests[/li]
Update project documents upon approval of all scope changes

Team Lead:
Measure and verify project scope
Validate scope change requests
Participate in impact assessments of scope change requests
Communicate outcomes of scope change requests to team
Facilitate team level change review process

Team Member:

Participate in defining change resolutions
Evaluate the need for scope changes and communicate them to the project manager as necessary

And here could be the roles and responsibilities listed in the Procurement Plan:

Project Manager:
Approve Purchase Order

Procurement Manager:
Confirm Delivery Timeframes
Resolve Delivery Issues

So the RACI isn't an integrated tool that is a collection of all the roles and responsibilities, it merely describes a particular area of roles and responsibilities, and that roles pertaining to specific work packages.
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Hello Kyle

thanks for you answer. I am just trying to understand because I did not get information from the PMBok able to solve my question.
Probably I am wrong, but as far as I understood, it is in the Acquire Resources process where Human resources acquisition is finalized and name are assigned to the different roles highlighted during the RAM / RACI creation.
My understanding is that RACI / RAM is a tool where the information about the roles out of all the other knowledge areas are collected, by making this as a cross functional tool.

What do you think? Am I completely wrong?

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Kyle Kilbride, PMP

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In my experience the Plans would have high level roles and responsibilities. For example: "PM is responsible for...", "Functional lead is responsible for...".

The RAM / RACI would be more specific stating the name of the person and the specific items or deliverables they are involved with.
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Hi all,

I have a question regarding the correlation between the RACI/RAM and the subsidiary plans.

According to my understanding, RACI/RAM is a tool to show the resource assigned to the work Packages, and it is used to show the correlation between work packages and project team members.
If I look at the different subsidiary plans, I understand that each of them has also a part where the roles and responsibilities of the Project Team members are specified.

I assume that the same information is contained in both Subsidiary Plans and RACI Chart, but I would like to get a confirmation.

Thanks in advance

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