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2 years 2 months ago #26834

Markus Kopko

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Congratulations Nikane and welcome to the club!

Thanks for sharing your success and experience with the community; highly appreciated!

All the best for your career as a PMP.

2 years 2 months ago #26618

Stan Po - Admin

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Dear Nikane,

Congratulations on passing your exam! We appreciate that you took the time to write to us and share your success. It always makes our day to hear from one of our customers that they passed the exam. We are glad to know that our products have helped you on this journey. Thank you, and best of luck in all your future endeavors.
2 years 2 months ago #26611

Nikane Mallea

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I had a hard time getting through the test exams. My mind would wander. I highly advise doing at least one though and getting used 4hrs to questions. Don't overcomplicate things. I had a lot of people tell me I should be scoring above 80% on the mock exams. I think you will know when you are ready.

I wish you success Jim!
2 years 2 months ago #26598

Jim Hodgson

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Congratulations - I am about to schedule my exam as (although I can't bring myself to do a full 180-question test) I am doing lots of tests and now getting 75-80% consistently. I was concerned and overwhelmed when the syllabus changed in Jan 2021, but your story proves it can be done! Congrats!
2 years 2 months ago #26594

Nikane Mallea

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I took the exam Saturday morning online and passed. Above Target on two domains, and Target on one.

My plan for taking the exam was to studying intensely for a short period of time and then just go for it. I had initially scheduled the exam for February 25th but then rescheduled to give myself the extra week. I went into the exam feeling confident.

I started studying for the exam the first week of January committing around 3-4hrs a day and 8hrs a day the last week.

What I did:
First 10 days: listening to Joseph Phillips' Udemy course in the background. I would frequently go for long walks and listen.
PrepCast Simulator: invaluable for practicing reading and answering questions fast. I did all 4 exams. Failed first two (68%, 69%), passed third (71%), and fourth (74%). I spent over 70hrs using the simulator! I spent a lot of time reviewing right and wrong answers.
I bought Rita Mulcahy's book but only skimmed it. There is not much on Agile and Hybrid and I knew the 2021 exam was focused highly on these things. I did find her process chart game valuable: rmcls.com/process-chart-game-v9/

Advice for exam:
The exam was not easy. It was almost all situational questions with several possible answers. Important to narrow down and decide which answer is the best.
I had just a few formula questions but they were easy enough to answer without the calculator.
I did not use the whiteboard or calculator on the exam.
Pay attention to time. Know when you should finish the first 60 questions, the second 60, etc. It took me 90 min to get through the first 60 questions so I knew I had to make up a lot of time. Going into the last 60 questions I only had 55min but was able to get through and answer every question with 2 seconds to spare. I did not review any of my questions.

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