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2 years 5 months ago #25185

Jennifer Stein

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Thanks Kyle. Definitely will need to do some playing around with it - as a lefty, I feel this puts me at a disadvantage since I mouse with my right but write with my left. But good to know there is a way to spend some time playing around with it before the exam.
2 years 5 months ago #25181

Brittany S., PMP

Brittany S., PMP's Avatar

Thanks so much, Kyle! I had no idea such thing existed! I'm so glad I asked. I'll definitely check this out ASAP.
2 years 5 months ago #25179

Kyle Kilbride, PMP

Kyle Kilbride, PMP's Avatar

Hi Brittany,

It's not as bad as you think, at least in my opinion. Pearson Vue actually has a link where you can review it and practice: home.pearsonvue.com/Standalone-pages/Whiteboard.aspx

Hopefully that will allay some of your fears!
2 years 5 months ago #25153

Brittany S., PMP

Brittany S., PMP's Avatar

Hi all,
I'm scheduled for my PMP exam THIS SATURDAY! I feel ready, especially since I still have this week to finalize my studying.

One thing is worrying me though - the whiteboard. Can anyone who's recently taken the test online tell me what to expect? I saw one post about it that really scared me. He said the whiteboard was very hard to use.

I'm terrified to have to try to draw a network diagram using my mouse.

I personally think this is a huge disadvantage to not be able to have a physical sheet of brain dump paper like I would if I were taking the exam in a test center. I am dreading having to type out my formulas, and have been practicing in Microsoft Word to get used to typing.

Any info you have about the whiteboard and its functionality would be greatly appreciated! What is it like, what functional capabilities can you do on it (i.e. is it just as simple as type and draw a line like the old MS Paint), etc.


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