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3 years 2 weeks ago #24526

Gabriella Dellino, PMP

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Hi Sam,

I understand it could be a bit frustrating when you see limited improvement in your performance.
Reviewing questions at the end of each exam — while it can take a lot of time — was the most beneficial part for me. Specifically, I focused on the questions I answered incorrectly, as well as those I answered correctly but left marked. For each of them, I tried to understand why I picked the wrong option, reading the detailed explanation for both the correct option and all the other options. I learned a lot from doing this! Besides that, I also tried to go back to the PMBOK and revise the topic referenced in the question.
There are many exam simulators available; my personal recommendation is to go for those providing detailed explanations for both the correct and wrong answers, as I believe this is the most useful part, especially the first times you go through a full mock exam.

I would also recommend to draft a study plan, so that you have enough time between two mock exams to revise questions and corresponding topics. Depending on how much time you have available, you may want to test on a limited set of questions.

One last thing: I noticed that my performance significantly improved by simply changing the time of the day I spent on taking a sim exam. I first used to take it in the afternoon, because it was easy for me to schedule a 4h uninterrupted session; however, after the first couple of hours, I started feeling tired and lacking concentration. When I tried to move it in the morning, it suddenly became much better! And while still being a bit tired towards the end, I could feel my mind more focused than it ever was in the afternoon. Now, this can be totally subjective, and you may work better in the afternoon or even late at night. But I strongly recommend to play a bit with different times, to go for the one you feel fresher and able to stay focused longer.

Hope this helps!
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's Avatar

Would you please suggest ,what i need to do ? I am constantly getting 50percent in mock exams , my exam date is dec 22.
3 years 2 weeks ago #24482

Eva Hadley

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Thank you everyone! One more question, how a calculator? The whiteboard is just for doodling.
3 years 2 weeks ago #24477

Siudy Pulido

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Hi! I also took my test yesterday and PASSED! So congrats fellows PMs! I used the PM Prepcast simulator for my preparation and this link from Pearsonvue to practice with a whiteboard:


Pearson Vue doesn't allow paper, cellphones, watches, water, anything on the table. I was very stressed about this. Also, they interrupted me 4 times on the exam to check the room with the laptop's camera.

The questions on the PMP test are similar to the simulator, so I guess my advice will be to practice till you get more than 80% on all of them, and then you can relax. I also practice with other free tests online, but mainly I spent my time here on the PM Prepcast webpage.

Good luck!
3 years 3 weeks ago #24468

Eva Hadley

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Congratulations, way to GO!

Couple of questions, are we allowed to use clean scratch paper (old fashion way) or only online whiteboard, and can someone recommend a similar tool so we can do a practice run with that so we are not sweating to navigate one the day of exam?

Also since we are in the comfort of our own homes, can you have a bottle of water or coffee/tea at your desk to sip on or you just need to seat there until you go on your break. Thank you for cheering us on:)
3 years 3 weeks ago #24462

Kabilan Kangeyan

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Have the gave you paper to write things ? or just a online tool like paint?


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