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1 year 6 months ago #24236

Anjali Beniwal

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Hi Yibai,

congratulations....I did take the exam yesterday and i failed. i need to improve in two knowledge areas. There is a big difference I found between the type of questions in mock exams and the real exam. Most of the questions were situational, very few questions (less than 10%) were direct and calculation based. did you find the same? could you please share with me your mock exam source mostly for situational question-based? Thanks in advance.

1 year 6 months ago #24235

Yibai Sun

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Thank you Lisa for the PDU information!
1 year 6 months ago #24231

Lisa Sweeney PMP

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Congratulations, Yibai!

I agree with much of what you said, particularly about using the PMBOK as a reference guide. As Cornelius said, “While the PMBOK® Guide is a good starting point, the PMP exam itself will test more than just the contents of that book.”

I pleased to see you used the PM Exam Simulator. I had success with that PrepCast tool, as well.

I found most situational questions left out PMBOK terms on my exam, as you discovered, too, “expert judgement = look for opinions.”

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Thank you for sharing your Lessons Learned. They are very helpful.

I wish you the best, Yibai Sun, PMP!
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Yibai Sun

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Just passed PMP exam this Friday with overall AT result! Yay!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: The questions are much shorter than the prepcast simulator but hard to make decisions, lots of questions are tricky and there was no clear indication about which process was performed. All you need is to guess properly based on the information provided. Here are some suggestions for the exam:
- Key word! Is it asking for document or plan? Properly use your judgement and think carefully, ex: if the question didn't mention certain condition (ex: history data available in OPA?), if not, then maybe don't choose it!
- Cross over the wrong answers will help you to think sharp! The exam allow you to cross over and highlight any words. The break will be after question 89, they will force you to review the 89 questions and submit them before you can continue (no matter if you want to take break or not, which made me a bit panic cuz I want to continue doing without break), and you can't go back to review them once you submit
- Look for similarities, ex: expert judgement = look for opinions, look carefully for questions, if they ask for least or most!
- Look for further resolution for questions, ex: if there are two choices can both solve the problem, then choose the best one or the one tackle the problem from its source/long term solutions
For exam preparation, I would say: PMBok is very good book, i read it 5 times, but the content was very dry, if you don't like to read it then use it as a good reference, also keep tracking the weak knowledge area, don't forget to re-do the questions that you did wrong. Prepcast simulator is very helpful tool! Very comprehensive and easy to track all the weakness. Big thanks to PM prepcast!
Lastly, be confident!! It's very important, and book the exam time at the same time slot as when you do the prepcast simulator, since you already get used to it. Sleep early on the day before exam, good sleep will give you a much clear mind for the real exam!! Good luck everyone!! :) :)

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