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You can only tell if you put all these info on a calendar. I downloaded a template for a calendar and populated it with all info that I wanted. Only then and based on my personal commitments, was I be able to tell if is reasonable plan or whether I need more or less time. You can schedule Rita's chapters, you can include days for watching videos over youtube, days to solve questions on the net, reviewing the PMBOK, practice brain dumping, and so on.

It might take an hours or so to sit, think, and fill the calendar, but it's extremely useful committeent tool.

I'm still on it and didn't finish ... so good luck to both of us any everyone else too..
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Duon Martin

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Are you taking your exam from home, or are you going to take it at an testing center? I'm confused on if I want to test from home, or go to a center. I want to pass this test on my first attempt and as of now, if I was to schedule my exam at an center, I will be testing on December 29th, 2020. That doesn't leave me much time to take another crack at it this year if I'm unsuccessful. I don't know how soon you can test again if you fail the exam? I just purchased this Prepcast simulator and I plan to get busy with testing my knowledge by utilizing my time with the mock exams and creating custom quizzes. I've taken 3 PMP Mock exams already. My scores were 67%, 65%, & 63%. The simulators that I used didn't have the features that this one have though. I'm hoping to improve my test scores to the 70%-85% range . Good Luck!
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Joe Pang

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Hello Theuns,

Like you said, the mindset is important. Think of your first failure as just one pawn taken off your chess game, you still have what it takes to beat the match.

Solid plan you have there, stick to it, and don't forget to visit the forum and ask questions.
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Tinus Joubert

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Hi everyone-

My exam is due in December 27, 2020. I have purchased PMP PrepCast, Simulator and Rita Exam Prep.

I failed my first attempt, and for some reason I just can't get over it. I am keen to fight this demon and get past this mindset of not being able to pass it.
If anyone can assist in providing me a a sample exam prep plan or any input of how I could approach this in 60 days including practice exam, I would be very appreciative and thankful.

I was thinking of approaching it in the following way;
Exam Prep 15 days.
Rita 15 Days.
Every day P25 of the PMBok Guide, Rita Process Chart (30 days).
Formulas with P25 the next 15 Days.
Practice Exams (4 Hour) for the next 15 days including revision for incorrect answers until mid December 2020.
From December 16 until 27 review notes.

Thank you


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