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Yeah, I tend to agree. Memorising the process in the order of execution, so per process group rather than per knowledge area is key to learn the ITTO because one than understand the logical flow of data and information between the process. Also, practicing an average of 50 questions per day is helping in memorising the ITTO, after all I think it is always the same 30/40 elements that re-occurr.
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Eric Wanyutu Kahiga, PMP

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Hi Bisagni and thank you for a very good question.

In my opinion, the best way to ace the PMP exam including the ITTO type question is to understand them rather than memorize. That said it is important to have a good grasp of the ITTO's. In my preparation what I did was to learn the Knowledge areas and associated process group by heart. This is, in turn, made it easy for me to remember the related ITTO's. I did this by regularly drawing the Process Group Mapping table found on page 25 of the PMBOK 6th Edition. Beyond that, I did not attempt to memorize the ITTO's but I was still able to remember what each question required as I had a good foundation anchored on the knowledge areas and process group. My advice? Memorize page 25 of the PMBOK 6th Edition.

I hope that helps.
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Hello everyone,

From various sources I am receiving constant feedback that it is not really necessary to remember all the ITTO per process by heart to pass the exam as log as one understand the process well.
In principle this seems to be true because I am averaging 70% in the test exams without really knowing the ITTOs by heart.
However all the questions related to ITTOs are a bit of a gamble for me and I am really struggling to identify the best answer, let alone having the reasonable certainty that it is the correct one.

Is anybody else in the same boat and has anybody develop a method to remember the ITTOs or to be able to answers the questions with more confidence?


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