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Mahdi Seify

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Thanks, Lisa
Is it right to say in Laissez Faire team is not skilled but in delegating team is skilled and they are able to finish the task. I am looking for a clear code in my mind to recognize difference between
these two styles after analysis details as you mentioned.

1 year 9 months ago #23267

Lisa Sweeney PMP

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Hi Mahdi,

The PMP exam refers to management and leadership styles in describing the different ways project managers lead their teams. To differentiate these styles when answering questions, consider all the information in the scenario. Pay particular attention to details about:

• Team members (experience, skills, motivation)
• Organization or Project (type/complexity of work, phase or stage project is in, purpose, structure)
• Project Manager (attitudes, needs, values)
• Environment (social situation, economic state, and political elements)

Also, consider whether the management and leadership of the project manager have been effective up to this point.

Laissez faire is a French term that literally means "let do" or let people do what they think is best. This style is considered bottom-up with a leader not directly involved in the work of the team, but manages and consults as necessary. It gives the most autonomy to team members and the leader is actually the servant of the group, rather than the other way around. If a project manager takes a laissez-faire approach, and the team is not sufficiently skilled or motivated, it may be difficult to get the work done as planned.

Delegating responsibilities is a lateral approach. It's successful when goals are understood and the team has sufficient authority to work. Delegation occurs at a stage when a team is committed to performing well and does so with little oversight. The project manager's role in this case is to provide guidance, support, and remove obstacles, but they are not directly completing the tasks themselves.

Hope this helps in your understanding. I wish you the best!
1 year 9 months ago #23210

Mahdi Seify

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Could you please let me know what is different between both styles: Delegating and Laissez-fair.

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