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Thank you. That was what I was looking for in relation to the resource management processes.
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Gabriella Dellino, PMP

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Hi Akhilesh,

I agree with the way Harry suggested to look at the training records. They are "assets" for the organizations, they are documents that will be useful and support an organization, and its project managers.
On the other hand, EEFs are constraints for the project; e.g., HR management policies constraint the way a project manager plans and manages human resources.

Specifically to your point on the PMBOK discussion, the way I looked at that first item in Section was: Human resources management policies about whatever it is listed after, including training records. In fact, when you work on team development, you need to take these policies into account, which—among other things—will discuss how to keep and maintain training records.

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Sarah Fucci

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I think the answer is they are both an OPA and an EEF depending on the context of the situation. In section employee development and training records are listed in regard to Personnel Administration specifically when referring to knowledge-sharing behaviors because they can influence the project’s processes and routines. Under Develop Team they are listed as an EEF because Employee Development Plan Records document which Training/Development goals were reached so that the organization is aware of each employee’s accomplishments in order to use team members on future projects. They also influence the organization’s Human Resource Management Policies.

So in regard to Managing Project Knowledge they are an OPA but in regard to Develop Team they are an EEF. If a question arises, I would first distinguish which process it is referring to in order to come up with the correct answer. I remember this from when I was studying because I got a practice question wrong choosing an OPA but the question was about team development so EEF was correct.
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Harry Elston

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My 2-cents here. A training record is made and kept by a company. While some training may be mandated by regulatory bodies, the record itself is within the company. It is an OPA.

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Akhilesh Sooraj

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Could anybody please clarify whether the training records are EEF or OPAs?
In the PMBOK, as per section Organizational Process asset, Its an OPA. But later in, its an EEF.

Thanks in advance

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