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1 month 3 weeks ago #22709

Rashmi Chandra

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Dear Micael, you are obviously much more detail oriented than me. I did not consider the distinction that you have stated below while responding to question #4. Thank you!
1 month 3 weeks ago #22690

Micael Dias Miranda

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Hello Rashmi,

funny enough I was just about to open a new thread about the exact same question #6 (as well as #4 which I add here below). My answer to question #6 was option A. My rational while responding was that the question refers solely about documenting information. There is no mention about the depth of that information, thus I would consider that adding less influential stakeholders to a 'watch list' is still documenting information.

Regarding question #4 (here below):

Question 4: According to the PMBOK® Guide, the project stakeholders that have
significant power and have high interest in the project must be?
A.) Prioritized in engagement and keep satisfied, as stakeholder satisfaction is an important
project objective
B.) Prioritized and managed closely as they have the authority and interest to make or break the
C.) Monitored, as they are already interested and committed to the project
D.) Kept informed as these authority figures will proactively intervene given their support to the

While responding I was draw away from the correct answer which is option B. The reason was due to how the answer B is formulated, i.e., 'Prioritized and managed closely...'
The problem for me is the use of the word 'managed' alone. Since the question refers to project stakeholders and, as stated by Cornelius on his lecture, we as project manager do not manage stakeholders but rather their engagement. Therefore, I discarded option B as correct answer.
Did someone else had the same rationale while answering this question?
1 month 3 weeks ago #22678

Rashmi Chandra

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Hello! Vivek,

Thank you so much for your response.

May I please request additional detailed pointers for question #13, on how I would differentiate (in a question) if the plan was
being updated during iterative Planning versus Monitoring& Controlling? I am not being able to grasp concept.

Thank you again!
1 month 3 weeks ago #22672

Vivek Sharma

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13-D (analyzing the plan for it's effectiveness)
1 month 3 weeks ago #22670

Rashmi Chandra

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Hello! I would like additional guidance on the correct responses for questions 6 and 13 in the self assessment for Stakeholder Management. Based on Emerging practices listed in the PMBOK guide, I believe the answer to Question 6 should be A, and the response for question 13, should be B.

Question 6: A project manager is currently performing the Identify Stakeholders process.
Her project has a large number of stakeholders. She should document information about
which of the following types of stakeholders?
A.) Document information for every project stakeholder.
B.) Document information only about the stakeholders that are identified during the first team
C.) Ask for the project sponsor's guidance regarding this issue.
D.) Document information only about the influential stakeholders.

Question 13: Halfway through a project's completion, the project manager is reviewing the
stakeholder engagement plan. She thinks the project team needs to revisit and adjust the
plan. Which process is the project manager performing?
A.) Identify Stakeholders
B.) Plan Stakeholder Engagement
C.) Manage Stakeholder Engagement
D.) Monitor Stakeholder Engagement

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