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Yana Oresharova

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Hi there, thanks for your feedback! Can you elaborate on the PO/Scrummaster? So basically what is the titles for these roles officially reffered to in the actual exam? In the training I did it was always PO and scrummaster and agile lead/coach (so the sort of PM role inbetween); but you are saying that in the actual exam a PO or user proxy is called PM and that a Scrum master is reffered to a Team Lead?
1 year 6 months ago #19510

Elizabeth Harrin

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Congratulations! Thank you for the feedback on the survey - I will pass that on.
1 year 7 months ago #19406

Nataliia Hubal

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Want to thank PrepCast Team for the great job you do! And wish you even more success and growth.
My way to success was trite - to combine PrepCast and Mike Griffiths book, these 2 sources make a cohesive picture and perfectly amend each  other. I also added Jeff Sutherland's book on Scrum and Mike Cohn on Estimates and planning, but that's definitely optional ..
By the way, Simulator's question of PrepCast and questions in Griffiths book are far more helpful to test your knowledge gained  than actual exam.. Be careful when understanding  meaning of "project manager", "team lead" role in exam questions, I was confused  to see these terms that often in the exam ..since during studies you more differentiate PO/Customer Proxy/ etc and Coach/ScrumMuster... 

And  one more minor comment to PrepCast - please make your Survey more short and simple in wording if you aim to really obtain a feedback.
Once again thanks to all the people who contribute to PrepCast and I wish good luck to all those who is currently on their way to success!
P.s. My application was audited - don't be afraid it goes smoothly, I send exactly what was required and took a feedback within 2 days.

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