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2 years 6 months ago #13143

Eduardo Enriquez

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Having used the Simulator two months ago to help me pass the exam, I'd say if you're in the mid to upper 70s you'll have a pretty good chance of passing the exam.

I'd also point out that you if dip below 70% for the third or fourth exam, don't become frustrated. The Simulator is much harder than the actual exam. If you do experience this, focus on reviewing the questions you missed in the Simulator (great tool that covers a lot of info), covering the specific domain in the Simulator through domain specific practice tests, and complementing that review with covering the topic(s) in the book you've selected.

Good luck!
2 years 6 months ago #12932

PMP Aspirant

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Which score on mock exams is considered safe?
Above 60%, 70% etc.
2 years 6 months ago #12904

TereLyn Hepple, MS, PMP, PSM

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I strongly believe in Learning Mode, where you can pick a more specific area based on your detailed score report where your performance was less than optimal.

For example, I scored initially 50% on Domain 6, and 65% on Domain 5 while scoring well on other domains. So I review the questions from my score report in those domains, and read the answer feedback. I keep in mind that PMI weights each domain differently, but my challenge domains add up to 22% of my score.

Then I focus for a few 20-question Domain 6 Learning Quizzes and carefully review the answers and remediation. Same for Domain 5. Then do a longer exam or 100q Timed quiz with no filters on domains.

If i have studied well, and score well on all my domains, I am ready.
2 years 6 months ago #12866

PMP Aspirant

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For those of you who have passed the ACP exam and used this exam simulator, can you help in determining which score on the simulator exams gives a sort of surety/comfort that I will pass the exam?
My scores are:
Exam 1:
1st attempt: 60%, 2nd attempt: 78%
Exam 2:
1st attempt: 74%
Exam 3:
1st attempt: 71%
Exam 4: Not taken yet

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