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3 years 8 months ago #7690

Kimberly Bortz

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Congratulations on passing the ACP and thank you for sharing your experience!
3 years 8 months ago #7687

Joe Riley

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I passed my ACP Exam today, very similar experience to Nancy. I used the calculator once, it wasn't really necessary but I just wanted to be sure. No EVM, no formulas, barely even needed to know how to read a burn up/down chart. Team member roles, responsibilities, "what should you do," "what should you have done,"" how could it have been better" was almost the entirety of my exam. I spent a lot of time studying definitions, tools, meeting techniques, etc. While certainly helpful for the big picture, I didn't need that knowledge. What you really need for this exam (at least my exam) was a clear understanding of roles, and agile methodologies. If you're solid on both, you're going to pass.
3 years 9 months ago #7665

Kim Foord, PMP, PMI-ACP

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Congratulations on passing the PMI-ACP exam! Thank you for your valuable thoughts on how to study.
3 years 9 months ago #7628

Nancy Allrich

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Listening the prep-cast was very helpful as I was tired of just reading ACP books. In addition, I took lots of practice exams free ones and paid. I used GR8pm and they had good tests. As for the prepcast I was a little short on time so I focused on SCRUM, XP, LEAN, Kanban, RISK, Softskills and etc. I would recommend listening to the Domains section it provides a great test overview . I did print it out the PMI agile exam outline and took notes.
Test tips: There is plenty of time to finish, overview scenarios-almost all situational questions. Several scenarios on how would a project situation be handled or what is the next step. Know what events would be used for what situation or next steps. That is where the practice tests will help. Know the team member roles and their responsibilities.
I used the strike out feature to eliminate the wrong answers. I never used a calculator during the test. Use the Agile Mindset to answer the questions. When I got down to two really good answers I would think of the Manifesto to answer it. Some questions were tricky, read the questions and answers carefully. During the test introduction I wrote out the Manifesto values and principles as that was my dump-sheet. Very relaxing and got me into the Agile Mindset.
The ACP is not as hard as PMP, but harder than CAPM. Good Luck!

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