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Lessons Learned – PMI ACP test – 05/24/2019
- After getting qualified for PMI ACP test. I got Mike Griffins 2nd edition of PMI ACP Exam Prep
- I read the book and made notes of important points that we need to remember for each chapter
- I read only this book multiple times and reviewed the notes that I create more frequently
- I also got the test from RMC FastTrack Cloud for $90 and took the sample test of 10 – 15 questions for each chapter and then reviewed the results and read the chapter again for the chapter that I did not do well.
- Then I started taking the full test and my scores were 1st test – 79%, 2nd test – 79%, 3rd test – 79%, 4th test – 72% (Panic mode on and read important point again), 5th test 80%, 6th test – 86%
After all these tests I was left with 2 more weeks
- I read chapter 1 – Agile Principles and Mindset and Chapter 5 - Adaptive planning again
- After this I started glancing at the material from each chapter and started taking test from the back
- I memorized all the concepts in stakeholder engagement and Team performance like agile chartering, Wireframes, personas, information radiator and osmotic communication, SU HA RI principles etc
I took a day off before my day of test and reviewed chapter 6 and 7 first then after that ready chapter 2, 3 and 4 followed by 1 and 5th (On the day of test)…
During the exam when I started I thought that I would fail but after like first 15 questions I started to gain confidence… During the whole test I recorded the question that I had issues with and marked them… I also recorded that questions # for which I was 100% sure… I finished my test in like 2 hours 30 minutes and got 30 minutes left to review the marked questions… I did change few answer based on review…
Most of the questions were very tricky and ended up with 2 best answers… This exam is very different from PMP and in PMP if you know the processes and input outputs and tools and techniques you would be able answer few questions correctly but that is not the case with PMI ACP.. Exam is very situational based… I repeat exam is very situational based and tricky… I did not take any break during my test…
I passed the exam with above target in all areas except chapter 1 – Agile Principles and Mindset

Hope this information helps…. Let me know if I can be of any help… 

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