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B would seem like the correct answer.
3 years 6 months ago #13416

Gerallt Owen

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Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for taking the time to respond. No, this question (or the others I've posted) aren't from the PMI-ACP Exam Simulator . They come from a reputable course that my colleague took last year, but since I'm just borrowing his book I cannot contact the provider directly.

As for your interpretation of the question, it appears you're saying the same as what I'm saying, i.e. option B?
3 years 6 months ago #13409

Eduardo Enriquez

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Hi Gerallt. Are the mock exam questions from the PMI-ACP Exam Simulator from Prepcast? If so the simulator provides very detailed information on the why's for each question.

Have you asked the provider of the mock exam questions for explanation of the answer? It may be a good idea to do that for all the questions you've posted to this forum.

As for how I interpret the question, it would seem to me that scheduling a daily scrum during the team's overlapping time would make sense as both teams would be able to attend.
3 years 6 months ago #13391

Gerallt Owen

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I 'm going through some mock exam questions and came across this one that I'm questioning the answer given. The question is as follows:

A scrum team is distributed geographically in 2 different, but overlapping, time zones. When team members in London are starting their working day, those in Riga are more than halfway through the morning. As the ScrumMaster, how would you advise the team to conduct daily scrum meetings?

A. By asking and answering the 3 questions by email
B. With regular conference call at the beginning of the London members' day
C. With regular conference call at the beginning of the Riga members' day
D. By tailoring the framework and cutting out the daily scrum

I answered B, but the answer sheet stated C, which I don't understand because if the meeting started at the beginning of the Riga members' day then the London team members wouldn't even be in the office. Am I missing something her or can someone explain to me why C is the best answer?


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