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Patrick Hickey

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Kenn, thanks for the suggestions. My PMP page was most helpful & your thoughts have me sharpening my pencils again!
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Dear Cornelius, Michael, and Kenn
Thanks for the Tip, This will help me as I am preparing for my exam.
3 years 2 weeks ago #14941


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Getting ready to go myself and here are some of the big ones I think:

Of course what you have already and:

Kano model and what each level means
ESVP list and what they are.
Life cycles
Burnup and burndown charts
risk value matrix
retrospectives list of types of games (Mad, Sad, Glad....etc)
AUP 7 diciplines
MOSCOW limit of Must haves (0.7)
Cone of uncertainty levels and values
Different shaped people and what they mean
Crystal levels
multitasking efficiency levels
Agile planning phases

That is what I am putting on my sheet!!

Good luck!!

7 years 11 months ago #3794

Cornelius Fichtner

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It has taken us a while to develop this, but we now offer a free brain dump sample for all preparing for the PMI-ACP Exam:


Once the exam has officially started you should take two to three minutes and write out your 'brain dump'. You are not allowed to write anything down before clicking the start button.

Writing down your brain dump after the exam countdown has begun will of course "eat up" exam time that you could spend answering questions. So if you are concerned about not having enough time to answer all questions, then spending time to write down your brain dump may not be for you. However, spending a moment of your actual exam time in the act of getting everything you memorized onto paper will additionally give you confidence in your exam knowledge, and you now have a physical reference to go back to during the heat of the exam.
8 years 3 weeks ago #3742

Michael Mondie

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The brain dump was a very useful tool for my PMP exam. I remember having several suggestions of things to include on it. I'm struggling with the equivalent for the ACP exam. Any input on good items for the brain dump?

I'm taking my exam 9/2 and in the final phase of preparation


Current thoughts
- Agile Man (values / principles): It Will Create Risk and Months of Year (from student guide)
- DOI:6 Principles
- User Stories: INVEST
- Lean (7 principles / concepts)
- Core values of XP
- 3 pillars of SCRUM

None are hard to remember but may be useful reminders for questions not unsure of.

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