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Susan Kehoe-Sutphin

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A good source of free and low cost webinars is www.pdu.com - the site now identifies which track the webinar will apply to.
I have been using this site for several years and have had been able to see webinars from a number of providers and on a number of subjects.
I have set up a daily notification on my calendar to remind myself to go onto the site - and it's been very successful for me.
I hope this is useful for you.
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Hi. A question please.
You have to be aPMI member, havent't you?
I can't find free webcasts or any other e-learning material for free on the PMI website.
If you have any suggestions, I'll be glad to receive them.
Thanks Gio
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Tracey South

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I'm also a fan of the webinars on PMI.org. Here is a link from PNI on earning PDU's: ccrs.pmi.org/info/earnpdus

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Lazard Toe, ITBMC, MPM, CIPM, PMP, ITIL's Avatar


You can earn free PDUs on ProjectManagement.com or pmi.org. Also buy professional conference or training. Or participate in events of your chapter.

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Cornelius Fichtner

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Everyone in the project management training business is working towards helping you to fulfill this. For example, we updated all our PDU products in the PMI CCRS system online to be compliant. (So if you use The Agile PrepCast and then claim 37 PDUs, PMI will automatically assign the correct number of PDUs to the Talent Triangle for you because we input the correct numbers already.)

You can expect to see future announcements from training providers to give you the additional PDU information. You'll start seeing announcements like "This course will earn you 16 PDUs of which 8 are Leadership and 8 are Strategic/Business Management."

This means that going forward you will have to do some additional "work": First you need to know how many PDUs you still need in each category. And then second, before you participate in a course you should identify not only how many total PDUs you are going to get, but also, how these PDUs are divided into the three Talent Triangle categories. In that way you can make sure that you always participate in a course that brings you closer to fulfilling your PDU needs.

Oh and if you are wondering how many you still need in each category, then simply log on to the PMI CCRS system and look at the new dashboard. It's right there on the first page.
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Dear Sirs,

My current PDU report shows that I need to report 8 pdus for each given area:

Technical Project Management
Strategic and Business Management

Do you know how to earn PDUs for each of this areas?
Do I need to buy professional trainings/conferences or are there free PDUs in each area available?

Thank you for your reply!

KR Harald

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