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Jerry Wang

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My ebook is on process improvement and conflict management:

I will also claim the PDUs.

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Dear Mr. Cornelius,

I have written an e-Book in the recent past in Project Management 'Practical Steps in Managing Project Schedules' published in Amazon.

I have written nearly 8000 words with nearly 80 hours of effort to complete this book.

Is there any way I can claim this effort in the form of PDUs for maintaining my 60 PDU credential?


Best regards,
Nitesh Ranjan Srivastava


The answer is... Yes you can!

As the author (or co-author) of a project management text book you can claim PDUs in Category D "Creating New Project Management Knowledge". This means that the time that you spent in writing the book counts towards your PDUs. The rule is that 1 hour spent will give you 1 PDU up to a maximum of 45 PDUs in total.

Here is how this maximum of 45 PDUs works: PDU Categories D, E and F are grouped together as the "Giving Back to the Profession" PDU division. This division has a combined maximum of 45 PDUs. In your particular case, we have the situation that you have invested 80 hours in your book. This means that you can now claim 45 PDUs in category D, but it also means that you can no longer claim any more PDUs for category D, E and F, because you have reached the 45 PDU maximum in the division. You must earn the remaining 15 PDUs in categories A, B or C.

The easiest way to get these 15 PDUs is simply to go to www.pm-podcast.com/pdu where you can earn these 15 remaining PDUs for free in category C. All you have to do is download and listen to the free project management interviews published here.

Also... please accept my congratulations on being a published author. It is a great way of giving back to all of us!

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