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TOPIC: A sample PMP exam question got me a bit confused!

A sample PMP exam question got me a bit confused! 2 years 5 months ago #4697

  • Rachid Sila
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I am learning and preparing for PMP Certification exam. These days I practicing a lot of sample PMP exam questions, and the following question got me somehow in a way that I am not really and still getting it to the answer and its explanation, I mean even the definition in PMBOK got me a bit confused:

The question: Closing a project phase should not be delayed until project completion because:
A. Useful information may be lost
B. The project manager may be reassigned
C. Project team members may be reassigned by that time
D. Sellers are anxious for payments.

The correct answer is A. And the explanation is as following:
Closure includes collecting project records, ensuring that the records accurately reflect final specifications, analyzing project or phase success and effectiveness, and archiving such information for future use. Each phase of the project should be properly closed
while important project information is still available. [Closing] PMI, PMBOK Guide, 2013, 100–101.

My experience showed me that (no matter in what type of organization you are working, such Matrix - weak, strong,...- or functional, or projectized...) one of the most expensive Resources in a project is Human Resources. That means from my experience and what as well is always (or let's say most of time) in the usage of most of the project budget (usually which is in the eye of the Stakeholders who pay much more attention to costs) are Human Resources. Now, if I look into this question, when I practiced it, I chose the answer C, because after I thought about what could be the correct answer: B and D, we can forget about that, it doesn't make sens, and it is not usual. I was left in my thinking with A and C as better choices. Then, I thought about useful information, but if I manage my project well during I, P, E, and M&C, I should have all (worse scenario, most of) useful information in documents and in what ever other formats. So to me it appeared that the best answer to this question is C, besides that, the answer "Useful information" appears to me very generic...

May be some more thoughts, or further explanations from anyone ;)

Thank you.

A sample PMP exam question got me a bit confused! 2 years 5 months ago #4700

  • Ahmed Amin
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Hi Rachid,
please mention the question creator to give credit.

regarding the question, i agree with the question creator that the correct answer is A which useful information may be lost.
by useful information, it usually means the lessons learnt, improvements and suggestions that would usually be shared from the project team when reflecting on the work done. the processes we execute during the project that are defined in the PMBOK are meant to add value to the project and the close project or phase is no exception, close project or phase should be done on time so that the lessons learnt are identified and utilized in subsequent projects or phases.

hope this clears your confusion.
Ahmed Amin Abdullah, PMP
Community Moderator

A sample PMP exam question got me a bit confused! 2 years 5 months ago #4705

  • Rachid Sila
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Thank you Ahmed, it is more clear now. In my experience as PM, I always see and consider the importance of the Project Team, however in this is question, it is not different, because more importance of the Project Team is still given (in their role the share the useful information and not to be lost)...

The source of the question is internet source from learn.pro, which is referring to PMP Exam Practice Test and Study Guide, Ninth Edition.

Thank you again, the question is more clear.
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