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8 years 2 months ago #4391

Ahmed Amin

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Thanks Anne for sharing such question which is common in any exam prep.

such question usually have 2 tricks:
1- you need to count the project manager while calculating the communication channels.
2- if the project team changes, you need to calculate the communication channels before and after the change to come up with the added/removed communication channels.
8 years 2 months ago #4386

Anne B

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You are managing a telecommunications project, and 10 telecom engineers report to you. Due to a change in scope requested by your customer, you need to add more team members, and you decide to hire two more engineers. How many communication channels will be added by hiring these engineers?

A. 21
B. 23
C. 66
D. 78

Hint: What was the size of the project team before hiring the new engineers and what is it afterwards?

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Answer and Explanation:

The Correct Answer is B.

As 10 engineers reported to you before the recruitment exercise, the total project team size was 11 and the number of communication channels was 11*10/2 = 55. After the recruitment of two engineers the new team size is 13 and the communications channels are now 13*12/2 = 78. The additional communication channels therefore total 78-55 = 23.

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