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The answer is C as the PO does not have any authority to change the Sprint Backlog, this belongs to the Development Team. The PO can only change the Product Backlog and if it is an urgent story then it will be prioritised at the top for the next Sprint. Sprint durations are normally 2-4 weeks, with 2 being the most common so if this request happened mid-way through the Sprint then it is only 1-2 weeks until it will get picked-up by the team.
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Andrew Liddell

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Hello all,

I am reposting this question from LinkedIn (Mike Griffith's PMI-ACP study group, please let me know if I need to take it down because of that) and having been mulling it over since. I know option D is feasible, as is C, but does anyone have an idea of what PMI tends to favor for this sort of question?

"In the middle of a Sprint, the Product Owner told the team she wanted to include a new story in the Sprint backlog. This had come up as a high priority request and has a high level of urgency. What should the team do?"
A) Include the story and extend the sprint
B) Include the story and remove some others from the backlog
C) Ask the PO to bring up the story in the next sprint
D) Ask the PO if she wants to cancel the current sprint

The reason I first thought D was because this individual had noted that the new story was high priority and according to the scrum guide the product owner can be encouraged by other stakeholders with the team to cancel sprint. However, there isn't any other material in the question stating that the other stories or the sprint goal itself have become obsolete due to tech or market changes. Also, stakeholders tend to say everything is a high priority, which, by canceling the sprint, may serve as an example to keep canceling sprints anytime there is a new "urgent" priority.
On the other hand C makes me think "bring up in the next sprint" that the team would ask the product owner to start talking about the story only after the next Sprint has started, which, being a high priority one, doesn't make sense.
Finally, B seems to contradict the policy of reciprocal commitment and does not allow the team to see how this new user story would/could fit in with the others already selected for development to form a cohesive, unified sprint goal.

PS The question also doesn't specify if this is a functionality user story or a risk mitigation story.

Any thoughts about what PMI might lean more toward for this type of question? Thanks in advance!

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