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You are beginning to execute a project to develop a new customer service system for a medical device manufacturer. You and your team concluded a meeting whose outcomes included defining and negotiating roles, responsibilities, procedures, and processes. What was the project management interpersonal and team skill that you demonstrated during this meeting?

A. Training
B. Video conferencing
C. Team building
D. Negotiation

HINT: Negotiation is only one part of this important interpersonal skill.

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Answer and Explanation:
The correct answer is C.

Team building is the process of helping a group of individuals, bound by a common purpose, to work with each other, the leader, external stakeholders, and the organization. The result of good leadership and good team building is teamwork. Team-building activities consist of tasks (establish goals, define, and negotiate roles, responsibilities, and procedures) and processes (interpersonal behavior with emphasis on communication, conflict management, motivation, and leadership).

Details for each option:

A. Training
Incorrect. Training includes all activities designed to enhance the competencies of the project team members. The methods include classroom, online, computer-based, on-the-job training with a peer, mentoring, and coaching. The meeting described above does not reflect the outcomes of training, which would be a set of improved competencies or skills.

B. Video conferencing
Incorrect. Video conferencing is a communication technology that may be used on projects. However, video conferencing is not considered an interpersonal and team skill for project management.

C. Team building
Correct. Team building is conducting activities that enhance the team's social relations and build a collaborative and cooperative working environment. Like the outcomes described in the scenario, the objective of team building is to help individual team members work together effectively.

D. Negotiation
Incorrect. Negotiation among team members is certainly one interpersonal and team skill used for the Develop Team process to reach consensus on project needs. Negotiation can build trust and harmony among the team members. One of the activities described in the question involved negotiation. However, negotiation does not fit all the activities described.

Reference: A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK Guide) – Sixth Edition, Project Management Institute Inc., 2017, Page 340-342

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