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2 years 4 months ago #20899

Cornelius Fichtner

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Wow! Congratulations! You pushed the needle almost all the way to the right side. What a wonderful success!
2 years 4 months ago #20894

Yolanda Mabutas

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Hi Mustafa,

Congratulations for passing the CAPM Exam! We are happy that OSP International is part of that journey.
2 years 4 months ago #20892

Mustafa Kirdök

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Dear all,

I passed my CAPM exam on 04-May-2020 and would like to share my preparation plan with you.

Please find below my preparation plan:
  1. PrepCast + PMBOK in parallel (3 weeks)

  2. For me it was quite exhausting to watch the videos, since I prefer interactive sessions. However, I highly recommend you to watch the lessons; the content and examples provided by Mr. Cornelius are helpful. You should not skip this point!

  3. RMC CAPM Prep (2 weeks)

  4. In addition to above, I acquired the RMC CAPM Exam Prep, which is a "translation" of the PMBOK into simplier language. It includes helpful tips and tricks, summaries, sample exam questions, shuffle games and memorization tools. In my case, instead of re-reading the PMBOK I chose to read the RMC Exam Prep, which was the right decision.

  5. Self-Assessments PrepCast & RMC + Quizzes + Preparation of learning sheet (1 week)

  6. After gaining the theoretical input I was looking forward to taking practice exams. For this purpose, I first started with the self-assessments provided in the PrepCast and RMC. Thereafter, I took quizzes in order to get an overview of the exam simulator prior to taking complete exams.

    In parallel, I prepared a learning sheet with the information which were hard for me to memorise. I did not want to overfill the list with information that I've already understood.

  7. EXAM Simulator + Update of learning sheet (1 week)

  8. During the week before the exam I took three complete exams and scored 72,7% (1st Exam, Fail), 74% (2nd Exam, Fail) and 75,3% (3rd Exam, Pass).

    In total I have spent 10 hours and 58 minutes 13 seconds answering questions in the simulator (200 questions via quizzes + 450 questions via three exams).

    I highly recommend you to spent at least the same amount of time for checking the results of correct and wrong answers as you have spent for answering them, as the explanations are helpful regarding the final exam.

This is how I prepared myself for the exam and scored above target. I hope that you will have some takeaways from this and that it will provide a guideline for you!

I wish all the best to the ones among you which are going to take the exam!

Best regards,

Mustafa Kirdök

P.S. Thanks to OSP INTERNATIONAL LLC for providing such a good content!

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