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2 years 1 day ago #18538

Richard McGrath

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Thanks for the warning. Hope it worked out where you wont have to pay again. When I saw the conditions for the online proctored exam I decided I won't bother with that
2 years 3 weeks ago #18390

Christopher Brookes

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Today I took the CAPM exam online from home using my laptop. After having a few initial problems with the check-in process I needed to restart my computer and try again, this meant needing to use the full 30 minutes prior to the exam start time.

I was surprised when the online adjudicator told me that I wasn’t allowed a pen or paper for the exam to make notes or do calculations by hand, I could only use the exam software on the computer screen to make notes or the built in calculator to do calculations.
I was about 60 questions into the exam when I needed to do a calculation, so I opened the calculator, this prompted an anti-virus software on my computer to unexpectedly open and alert me of an apparent threat. I knew that all other applications need to be closed on the computer, so I tried to close the anti-virus as quickly as possible and carry on. However, the exam software (Pearson Vue) detected it and ended my exam there and then without being able to finish it.

I contacted the adjudicator to ask if I could resume the exam and he said it wasn’t possible and he would open a case number for me and I will receive information in the next 3 days.

It’s safe to say I’m pretty gutted and I sure hope I don’t need to pay to take the exam again, I’m also going on vacation this week and was really hoping to have the exam out of the way before I travel.

Advice to anyone taking the exam from home: uninstall all anti-virus software completely or it can unexpectedly pop up in the middle of your exam and then your exam will finish.

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