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Linda De Boer

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G'day Max,
Wonderful, well done! Congratulations. Thanks for posting your experience to help others.
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Max Mueller

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Totally forgot the score.
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Max Mueller

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Hello Everyone,

I just passed my CAPM Exam yesterday with Above Target in every area (more details attached). I had written a nice long post already yesterday with my takeaways right after the exam, but unfortunately I couldn't post it, as the forum thought it was spam (so hopefully this one will go through).

So a bit of background to my study situation:
- I did a project management course last year fall as part of my graduate degree. Never had any formal project management training before. I had heard about CAPM and originally wanted to do the exam right after the course but then life happened and I never did.
- Though I had some knowledge (such as already being familiar with all the formulas, key things such as what a WBS is or sequencing), the course I followed did not use PMBOK. So all the ITTOs etc. were completely new to me.
- Since I procrastinated so much, I decided on August 25th that I would write the exam on the 16th of September and sat myself down. I really only started studying a couple days later due to some other circumstances though.
- I used the Cram CAPM Review Course on Udemy from Joseph Phillips to review each chapter, I then read Rita's review guide to enforce this knowledge making very detailed notes and cue cards along the way for key terms and ITTOs. Though in the end I never used the cue cards to actually study.
- After every chapter I did the end of chapter questions from Rita's book and used the PocketPrep App to spot any parts I am weak on.
- I then referred to either the review guide or the PMBOK to review those parts again and made detailed notes.
- Finally, I then did 20 timed PrepCast exam questions.
- I did this for every chapter, about one a day with Risk taking up a bit more time. I did have full days to really only focus on studying.
- Finally, I then did full PrepCast exams (all 3), one a day approx. leading up to the exam. I scored 74%, 77%, and 84%. I went through every exam in much detail, also reviewing the questions I got right, not only the wrong ones!

Key Takeaways using PrepCast and the Exam:
- PrepCast is hands-down the best prep exam out there (/from the ones I used). They are a bit harder than how I perceived the real exam but that might have just been perception.
- The explanations for each question and answer options in PrepCast are awesome and worth every cent. Use them, just doing a practice exam without leveraging explanations doesn't help in my opinion.
- Also use the stats provided, especially the "right on first time" ones, that really helped me to find knowledge gaps!
- The emails I received from the PrepCast CEO were also really helpful to calm my nerves and give me a good strategy for the exam. Read them!
- Two points of improvement:
1) The simulator needs more questions about agile in each chapter (without going into detail on what I saw on my exam, my experience and the inter-webs seem to indicate that PMI is very in love with agile at the moment!). People reading this who will take the exam soon, review agile well!
2) I mentioned before that the stats are super helpful on PrepCast, they would be even more helpful if one could exclude an exam from them. Why? I had a fire-alarm in my building and had to leave while taking 20 timed questions. Screwed up the stats in that chapter up big time.

So, yeah those are all my thoughts and prep. If y'all have any questions, happy to help!

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