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Recorded PMP® Exam Coaching for Exam Preparation

The PM StudyCoach is currently NOT available
We recommend The PM PrepCast on-demand exam prep course instead.

Your GPS to The PMP® Exam

The PM StudyCoach is a recorded, 10-week long course. At its center are 14 coaching sessions with your coach Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM. Each coaching session is a well-presented and easy to follow video. You’ll love to study!

Once you make your purchase, you receive instant access to the first three coaching sessions. After that, a new coaching session is made available to you every week. (If you prefer you can ask the support team to make all sessions available to you right away).

You can watch the coaching videos and complimentary study materials either in your browser on the customer gateway, or you can download them with a podcasting app to your tablet or phone.

The weekly coaching sessions keep you motivated to continue on your road towards becoming a Project Management Professional (PMP)®. In each session you hear about the areas that you need to study this week. You also hear exam tips & tricks as well as lessons learned from other successful students. Together we see how you can use their experience for your own success. In total you receive 11 hours of recorded coaching sessions to watch.

With each coaching session, you also receive supplementary study materials. They come to you in the form of videos, podcasts, worksheets, articles, as well as reading and homework assignments. This helps you put PMP® Exam content into context.

StudyCoach Benefits

No more guessing. You know exactly what, when and how much you have to study!

PMP StudyCoach Benefits

  • Follow a proven plan & stay focused
  • Apply best practices
  • Make studying a routine
  • Increase your motivation to study
  • Follow the coach and save time
  • No detours! Your coach knows the way.

StudyCoach Features

Follow a proven path that has led thousands to the PMP Exam.

PMP StudyCoach Features

  • 10 week long recorded course
  • 11 hours of video coaching
  • Weekly study assignments
  • Additional weekly study material
  • 210 Free PMP Exam questions
  • Weekly study checklist

StudyCoach Package

The PM StudyCoach guides you from start to finish in your studies.

PMP Exam StudyCoach Package

  • 14 recorded coaching sessions
  • Weekly workbook & self-assessment
  • Study and reading checklists
  • Exam Discussion Forum Access
  • Experienced Education Provider
  • Just $49.99

It's Your GPS to The PMP® Exam!

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Your weekly coaching sessions take you step by step, chapter by chapter through the A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) and point out specific areas of focus in your studies. Each recorded coaching session is accompanied by your Weekly Workbook. These workbooks are each tailored to the materials you need to study in that specific week. You use them as a step-by-step checklist to guide your studies until next week.

Follow Your Coach and You can do it Too!

Order Now - Just $49.99

Preparing for the PMP® Exam requires time and focus. This can be a challenge especially when you are so busy at work that you need to "steal" time to study. And it gets even harder if you don't know where to start and how to best prepare. So isn't it nice that you can have someone guide you through the process? Someone with a proven, focused, and methodical plan?

The PM StudyCoach™ is for you! Let us coach you on what you have to study week after week.

In the course you benefit from our experience in preparing nearly 30,000 students for the PMP® Exam. You learn about best practices and a proven approach that you can apply to your studies. We point the way. You can confidently follow.

Make the right choice! The PM StudyCoach is your personal GPS to navigate the road to PMP® Exam success.

The PM StudyCoach is currently NOT available
We recommend The PM PrepCast on-demand exam prep course instead.

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