For Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®:

CAPM® Exam Simulator

The CAPM Exam changed on 2023-Jul-25 and this page reflects the CAPM simulator from before this change.

Please visit The "New" CAPM Exam Simulator for all the updated information.

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CAPM Simulator
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Prepare for and feel 100% confident to pass your Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Exam by using The CAPM® Exam Simulator.

The simulator gives you access to 650 realistic CAPM exam sample questions in an online environment. Question difficulty and style is very close to any question that you will encounter on your actual exam. A team of certified project managers (one of them was even a former volunteer who developed questions for the Project Management Institute (PMI)®) not only developed all questions to be as close to the real things as possible, but they are also updated them to the latest CAPM Exam Content Outline as well as the most recent PMBOK® Guide.

We also regularly review lessons learned from recent exam takers to identify any new exam trends in order to update our question pool, and it's the only simulator that offers Live Feedback!

CAPM® Exam Simulator Benefits

As a student who is using The CAPM Exam Simulator for exam preparation you will immediately benefit in the following ways:

  • No downloads
  • Prepare realistically
  • Perfect for active PMs
  • Manage your exam time
  • Prepare effectively
  • Gain confidence
  • Reduce study time
  • Access anytime
  • Access anywhere

Most importantly: Feel 100% Ready to take your exam!

CAPM® Exam Simulator Features

The CAPM Exam Simulator is integrated into The PM Exam Simulator, which offers exam preparation for the Project Management Professional (PMP)®, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® and PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® exams. This means that you get access to all simulator core features, as well as those that are specific to the CAPM exam. Here is an overview of everything you get:

Feature PMP Exam Simulator PMI-ACP Exam Simulator CAPM Exam Simulator
No of Questions 2,070+ 480 570
No of Exams 4 4 3
Live Feedback™
Realistic Environment
Updated to Current Exam
24/7 Access
Detailed Explanations
Per-Answer Explanations
Three Exam Modes
Mark for Review Button
For PC, Tablet or Phone
Unlimited Repeats
Buy Now. Start Later.
In-depth Statistics
Contact Hours1

1)Only training qualifies for contact hours. PMI doesn't consider simulators as training.

Bonus Items

When purchasing your PM Exam Simulator™ you will also receive the following bonus items absolutely free:

  • Advanced PMI® Exam Strategies (Email Course)
  • Sample Exam Score Worksheet (XLS)
  • Contact Hours Worksheet (XLS)
  • Access to online discussion forums


The price for The CAPM Exam Simulator™ is $69 for 90 days of access.

At the end of this 90 day period you can extend your access by 30 days for $22 or 60 days for $33. Note that the 30/60 day extensions are only available for existing customers. You must first buy the 90 day access.

Order Now - Just $69

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