For the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam from Project Management Institute (PMI)®:

The PMI® Exam Audit Kit Overview

It's True -- You Might Get Audited!

Are you in the process of applying for any of Project Management Institute (PMI)® Exams, and are you worried that you might get audited? Do any of the following statements describe how you feel?

  • PMI® Exam applications are profiled -- And I fit the profile!
  • I don't have contact information for the people I must list on my application!
  • The companies I worked for in the past are no longer in business!
  • My title was never officially "project manager"!
  • I lost the documentation for my educational degrees!
  • I have too many overlapping, small projects!
  • I did lots of volunteer projects that don't fit into the application categories!
  • I am afraid of being audited and want to decrease the chances of it happening!

If any of these statements show how you feel then The PMI Exam Audit Kit is for you.

The PMI® Exam Audit Kit Covers ALL PMI® Exams!

In this eBook we have brought together answers to the most pressing audit related fears and questions applicants have. The eBook is for anyone who is applying for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Exam, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®, PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)®, or indeed any of the eight exams that PMI® offers.

It explains how to proactively approach a possible application audit. And it takes you step-by-step through the process of what to do when you are actually being audited.

The PMI Exam Audit Kit is your comprehensive guide to successfully and ethically navigate your PMP® Exam Audit. Learn from the combined experience of several exam trainers as well as students who have successfully passed their PMP Exam audit, and see how it is done the right way!

Audit Kit Benefits

Don't be afraid of a PMI Exam Audit!

PMP Study Guide Benefits

  • Know what to expect from an audit
  • Learn how to respond
  • Focus on studying, instead of worrying
  • Let go of your audit fears
  • You will feel well prepared!

Audit Kit Features

Learn what to expect and do.

PMP Study Guide Features

  • The PMP Exam Audit process explained
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Useful articles and tips
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Lessons learned from actual "survivors"

Audit Kit Package

Proactive Audit Prep.

PMP Exam Study Guide Package

  • 40+ Page PDF eBook
  • For all PMI Exam Audits
  • Weekly PMP Exam Tips Newsletter
  • Experienced Education Provider
  • Just $4.99

Lose Your Fear of Being Audited!

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The goal of The PMI Exam Audit Kit eBook is to demystify the audit process and provide you with appropriate guidelines, tips and a set of actions, so that the PMI audit process does not become a barrier in attaining your own credential.

And so throughout the eBook we help you lose any audit fear that you may have. Learn about the audit process from several different angles.

Audit Process
A substantial part of the eBook is dedicated to reviewing the official PMI audit process descriptions. But of course it is more than just a "regurgitation". We go beyond and explain the process in detail.
Be Proactive
The exam audit can happen to anyone. See how to proactively prepare for a potential audit as you are filling in your application. There are not only tips and tricks but also a sample letter that you can send to your former supervisors before you submit your application.
Student experience
Your eBook is packed with dozens of student experience sections. In these sections students recall what the audit was like for them to help you learn what you can expect. In that way you have real-life examples of how students prepared their application, were informed about being audited, how they contacted their former employers, and how they submitted the audit materials to PMI.

Sample Pages from The PMI® Exam Audit Kit (Click to Enlarge)

PMI Exam Audit Kit Page
PMI Exam Audit Kit Page
PMI Exam Audit Kit Page
PMI Exam Audit Kit Page
PMI Exam Audit Kit Page

Audit Kit Table of Contents

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Get the Audit Kit for Your Peace of Mind

The PMI Exam Audit Kit includes everything you need to know about the PMI Audit process. We have researched and compiled the most important and practical tips and created this easy to read, easy to follow eBook for you.

So that no matter where you are in the PMI credential application journey, you'll know what to expect at every step. You learn how you can be proactive in preparing a possible audit, and can read up on what exactly you have to do in case you are audited. You learn how and when you find out that your application is being audited, how long it takes to go through an audit, what you need to submit in your audit package, etc.

We have all the details in the eBook, so you don't have to stress or worry about the PMI audit. You can confidently submit your PMI credential application and focus on preparing for your exam!

Order Now - Just $4.99

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