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Free PMI-ACP® Exam Sample Question 76

An agile practitioner has developed a prioritized matrix that describes which product features will be delivered in each release over time. What has the agile practitioner created?

A. The product vision statement
B. A product wireframe
C. The product roadmap
D. A product theme

Hint: Which of the answer choices would contain a high-level timeline of when the product will be released?

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Correct Answer: C

Answer and Explanations:

Answer A: Incorrect. A product vision statement is the first artifact created on an agile project. It captures the vision that the team has for fulfilling the needs of the customer and is sometimes referred to as an 'elevator statement' because it must be brief enough to share during a short elevator ride.

Answer B: Incorrect. A product wireframe is an agile tool used to create a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework for the development of a product but does not contain release information.

Answer C: Correct. A product roadmap is a prioritized matrix that describes product features that the team will deliver in each release over time.

Answer D: Incorrect. Themes are normally associated with a release or a sprint and not at the product level.

Exam Reference: Agile Practice Guide, Project Management Institute Inc., 2017, Page(s) 52; see also Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products - 2nd Edition, Jim Highsmith, 2009, Product Roadmap

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