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Free PMI-ACP® Exam Sample Question 74

An agile team has decided to create an artifact to demonstrate the product increment for the purpose of gathering feedback from the stakeholders. How should the project team accomplish this task?

A. Construct a wireframe
B. Build a prototype
C. Develop a persona
D. Utilize a template

Hint: Which of the answer choices might also be described as a coarse-grained model?

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Correct Answer: B

Answer and Explanations:

Answer A: Incorrect. Wireframes are simple block designs that display the placement of elements in a user interface and demonstrate the intended layout and functionality of a solution. While a wireframe is an important tool used in website development, it is not a product increment.

Answer B: Correct. A prototype is an original type, form, or instance of a product to explore the basic size, look and feel of a product without simulating the detailed functionality of the product. A prototype can be used to demonstrate the product increment and gather feedback from the stakeholders, making this choice the best answer to the question asked.

Answer C: Incorrect. Personas are a narrative description of the key project stakeholders and their interests. Personas help to describe the context in which the user might interact with a system. However, a persona is not a product increment to be demonstrated to stakeholders.

Answer D: Incorrect. In traditional project management, a template is a partially complete document in a predefined format that provides a defined structure for collecting, organizing, and presenting information and data. A template is not a product increment

Exam Reference: Agile Practice Guide, Project Management Institute Inc., 2017, Page(s) 20-23; see also Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products - 2nd Edition, Jim Highsmith, 2009



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