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Free PMI-ACP® Exam Sample Question 59

An agile team has worked together on previous projects. In the team's last project, the greatest negative criticism was the inaccuracy of the estimates. When preparing estimates for a new project, what should an agile practitioner recommend that the team members do differently?

A. Deliberate extensively to completely eliminate uncertainty from the estimate
B. Fine tune approach but do not put too much effort to gain the maximum benefit from estimating
C. Lock down the budget, schedule, and scope to improve the accuracy
D. One team member should take primary responsibility for owning the estimate

Hint: Remember, in agile planning, progressive elaboration is used.

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Correct Answer: B

With estimating, there is a point of diminishing returns, where additional effort put into estimation yields a minimal improvement in accuracy. Therefore, the team can fine-tune, but should not put in too much time or effort in estimating.

Reference: Agile Practice Guide</em>, Project Management Institute Inc., 2017, Page(s) 55; see also Agile Estimating and Planning, Mike Cohn, 2005, Diminishing returns on estimating


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