Project Management Professional (PMP)® Student Profiles:

Student Profile: Massimo Cilloni, PMP

MassimoI spent most of my working life acting as a Project Manager. I used to work for big firms that had sort if internal qualification, so the PMP was to really required for the “old” Project Managers inside. Other story I faced when I left to follow a different growth. The PMP certification is highly regarded and required. Besides, it helps the community of the PM, and the spreading of a common language and a common understanding. I warmly recommend to seriously consider getting certified at earliest.

There is not a better way to get ready. From my personal experience there is nothing that can prepare you for the exam and grant that you will pass it. So don’t let anyone fool you with 100% grant promises. I took test exams from the most valuable providers online. I was extremely prepared on the theory, the formulas, the struggle...

to remember the ITTOs. I used to finish the tests half an hour ahead of schedule, so to have all the time to review the “marked” questions.

After the first hour of the real exam, I was already 15/20 minutes behind schedule. All the questions were situational, with rows and rows to read. I thought I could not make it!!!
So my recommendations are:
Stay calm and relax
Stay yourself
Use your brain. Think about what you’ve done on your real job, trim it with the PMI point of view, and tick the reply.

Last but not the least, think twice before using any of Rita’s courses. I found them a waste of time!!

There was nothing that surprised me during the last week of my PMP exam studies but I was more and more nervous and stressed by the hour. I have a Master in Science, but I do not remember such a panic before any other exam. My experience was that Cornelius was of great help, with his follow up mails and recommendations, with his hints and tips.
The night before the exam I read for the last time his compendium of advices and the formula book.

Thanks Cornelius. Well done!!

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