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Student Profile: Vasily Andreychikov, PMP

 Vasily AndreychikovI am working in a huge IT service provider company on different customer-facing roles, mostly related to IT operations, but not limited. Previously, I worked a lot as IT project manager. Now I am closely dealing with PMs when accepting scope extension.

Here are my ways of passing the exam from the first attempt: 
1. Listen to PrepCast (due to overload on the work it took more than 6 months)
2. Start using simulator 2 months before the exam (in parallel I've read whole Rita book during this 2 months) 
  - Everyday try new 10-50 timely questions (amount of questions depends on your available time)
  - Check all answers, even if you answered correctly, you need to understand why the correct answer is correct
  - Fill your gaps (I used mind map) by re-watching PrepCast and reading other available sources
  - Try to accomplish 200 questions within 4 hours, to understand if your eyes are strong enough

In this way, I've done few hundreds of questions. You can find a recommendation to go for the exam only when you are able to pass 200 questions within 4 hours, but it's wasn't my case, I never passed 200 questions within score close or above 70%, but before I took the exam, I had internal confidence that I will pass. This part is really personal, you should know yourself, it comes from school age and your habits and ways of passing exams.

Final recommendation - pray to your God before taking the exam, even if you don't believe it.  

Good luck and all the best on your exam! 

Vasily Andreychikov, PMP

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