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Student Profile: Nooruddin Nazerruddin Farooqui, PMP

Farooqui Photo1I am Nooruddin Nazerruddin Farooqui, working as Application Manager (IT) with Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies Co. Ltd. - FORD, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Finally, I have successfully passed the PMP exams! I would like to thank the project-management-prepcast team.

Here is my passing experience.

1. PMBOK one time, duration 120 Hrs.

2. Rita 9th edition one time, duration 80 Hrs.

3. PrepCast - 3 mock test with an avg 60% ( I failed all mock test ).

4. Please note, the test will show you where you are.

5. Trick of the trade. After each mock test reviewed and analyzed each and every question using PMBOK and Rita.

Furthermore, to review 200 questions I spent 25 Hrs. ( Almost one week - depth analysis and study required).

6. One day before exams, do not read anything! Play, watch movies, swimming ..... eat well.

Believe me, It works!!! Go to bed early.

7. Exam day, do not read anything before the exam ( no formula, no ITTOs, nothing at all ).

8. Eat well.

10. Be at the exam center at least one hour before.

11. Play mobile games. please do not read anything.

12. During the exam, take a deep breath after each question.

I am sure you will step out with Pass results.

- Nooruddin Nazerruddin Farooqui, PMP


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