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PMP PrepCast

Frank Pauken

Ich habe die Prüfung im ersten Anlauf bestanden. Ohne einen guten Prüfungs-Simulator fast nicht möglich. Neben den sehr treffenden Fragen besteht die Möglichkeit das richtige Zeitmanagement zu lernen. Trotzdem kam ich in Zeitnot. Aber... geschafft. Vielen Dank an das Team eurem tollen Simulator und all den vielen Dingen die man bei euch nutzen darf.

Grünberg, Deutschland, Bender

Passed in the 1st try!


Excellent simulator! Passed on the 1st try!


Tough Ride

Michael Göbel

Done... but I couldn't imagine that I have passed...
I think, that situation after completing the final exam, sounds familiar to those of you, who have done the exam or to the ones, who are still in study and listened to Cornelius videos.
In the end I have received a couple of minutes later my score report with statement all sections "above target". It was really a surprise and a great feeling and success.
But where I have started...
Two months prior to my exam, I have subscribed the PM Prepcast Elite Plus package. Earning the necessary online lessons for my application on PMI.
After going through each and every lesson, I have studied PMBOK 6th edition and as well 7th addition. Afterwards to conclude this round with the Agile Practice Guide. What I have completely skipped was the forula guide from Cornelius, as most of the lessons learned interviews / podcasts, etc. were stating formulas and there interpretation are limited in the exam.
What I have done instead... after 2 weeks of podcasts I have started the Exam Simulator and in parallel studied the three mentioned books. I have also done in the third week of June all 4 test exams and approx. 60 % of all available questions in the exam simulator.
My take aways with regards to the final exam. It was good, that I was already familiar with agile methodologies (Scrum, SAFe), but the biggest plus I would state was the exam simulator. Of course the podcasts and as well the book studies supported the knowledge, but with the simulator I was in the position to challenge what I have studied and foremost, the way how the questions and multiple choice answers are written (Language, grammar, etc.) especially for me as a non-native speaker, was the greatest advantage of the simulator.
But as stated multiple times from Cornelius, the final exam is more vague... now I can confirm that ;-) but again, without diving into the language and the focus the podcasts and the simulators delivers, I am pretty sure not to pass in the first round with above target in all three sections.
When someone will ask me for some guidance how to prepare for PMP, I will definitely recommend Cornelius and his team.

Manager, Germany

PMP Essentials

Eric Thompson
GreenStone Farm Credit

I purchased the PMP Exam Essentials course to do my final prep for my PMP exam.  I leveraged the learning-mode quizzes to really zoom in on areas of weakness despite many months of studying on my own.  I found the feedback dashboard to be incredibly helpful as I only needed to work on three distinct areas and my exam date was literally one week from the day I bought these classes.  I am happy to report that I passed my PMP exam with exceeds on all three areas.  I would highly recommend this system for anyone that needs focused study methods.

East Lansing, MI, USA, GreenStone Farm Credit

Practice Exams Are Essential

Jeremy Mahler

The practice exams are essential to helping you get your timing down and understanding the thought process behind the questions in the actual exam.


PrepCast for the PMP

Paul M.

Passed on my first try! The preparation course provides exactly what I needed to succeed. 


PrepCast Simulator Was the Key

Michael Swafford

I purchased the Agile Practice Guide, along with PMBOK 7, and PMP Prep Simplified book. After studying these three books for about 4-5 weeks, I purchased Prep Cast and starting taking and reviewing my results. The level of info/feedback provided by the smaller tests (30-50 questions) and the full Exams was the key to my success. It told me exactly where my weak spots where and how to attack them. I used PrepCast for about 2 weeks and took the PMP Exam and hit Above target on all 3 Domains. It also prepared me for taking a 180 question (timed) test so there really wasn't that much pressure when I took the real test. I truly believe that using PrepCast was the key to gaining that last bit of targeted training and confidence and put me over the top. This test isn't cheap and not something you want to repeat. Best investment made across the board for all my training materials. 

Chattanooga, USA


Gbemisola Ibrahim

I used the prepcast videos and passed the PMP exam. The videos are quite explanatory and post PMP exam, I am still using the videos for my personal growth.

Lagos, Nigeria


Maria del mar Zambrano cardozo

This PMP Exam Simulator really helped me in the journey of getting ready for the PMP certification test. Solving as many questions as I could (1900) approx. was very accurate. I highly recommend this preparation.

Bogota, Colombia

Aced the PMP

Sridhar Bharadwaj

I just wrote my PMP last week and got Above Target, Above Target and Target. PM Prepcast helped me to develop the PMI mindset. Aced the PMP in a short notice

Singapore, Singapore

Great Classs

Jimmy Pape

Thanks for the great training. I was able to pass the PMP exam with AT in all domains.

CONROE, United States

PMP Exam Success Made Easy with PM PrepCast

Vatsal Patel

The PM PrepCast to prepare for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam has found it to be an incredibly helpful resource. The course is structured in a way that is easy to follow and provides a comprehensive overview of the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge).

The instructors are knowledgeable and experienced, and the content is presented in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. The PM PrepCast also includes a variety of study aids, such as flashcards and practice exams, which can help users to reinforce their understanding of the material.

One of the biggest benefits of  PM PrepCast is that it is available online, so users can access the course materials from anywhere and study at their own pace. Additionally, the course is designed to be flexible, so users can tailor their study plan to their specific needs and schedule.

Overall, the PM PrepCast is a highly recommended resource for anyone preparing for the PMP exam. It provides a comprehensive overview of the material and offers a variety of study aids and tools to help users succeed on the exam.


Better than you think

Jon Willett

This PMP Exam Simulator and quizzes on learning mode are worth every penny. I just wrote my PMP yesterday and got AT, AT and T because of it. The ability to do questions and immediately find out what was right or wrong along with the reason really helped me develop the PMI mindset. 

Thank you Cornelius and the rest of the team at PM PrepCast.

Montreal, Canada

Thank you Cornelius and Company! Passed First Time with 3 AT's!

Lindsay Dixon

I took my PMP Exam at an in-person testing location on Monday and I passed with all three domains Above Target! I started studying for my PMP in December 2022 with the PM PrepCast on-demand trainings, study guides, and PMP Exam Simulator. I received my 35 contact hours certificate with PM PrepCast in early January 2023, and continued to study for two months in order to take my exam in early March 2023. Following the receipt of my 35 contact hours certificate, I completed my PMI exam application. Immediately after hitting submit on my PMI exam application, a notification page popped up on my desktop saying that my application had been randomly selected for audit. I followed Cornelius's advice, and had reached out to my references prior to submitting my application, making the entire audit process quick. Once my application went to audit, I signed back into my PMI account, submitted a scanned copy of my degree and marriage certificate (I had recently gotten married and had my last name changed), my PM PrepCast certificate, and the contact information to all of my references. Following submitting all of this information, I reached out to each of my references notifying them of the audit. According to my references, they each got an email that same day, and it took them max 15-20 minutes to submit their portions back to PMI. As it was described to me, PMI makes it a very simple "check" for making sure that the reference knows the applicant and their work. After all of the references submissions were made, I received an email saying that my application audit was successful and that I could then schedule my exam. From start to finish, the entire audit process took about 4 business days. I took 2 of the PM PrepCast simulator exams, and took daily quizzes as part of my study plan. On test day, I completed the test with 3 minutes to spare, and I didn't even take the full 10 minutes of my second break. I found the actual exam to be pretty difficult due to the fact that the questions were incredibly vague. It's because of the vague nature of the test questions, that I found myself spending more time on questions. However, I walked away with 3 AT's, and a PMP in hand. I think that PM PrepCast did an amazing job in prepping me for the exam at my own pace. My only point of improvement would be that there may be a need to update some of the areas of focus/ depth and detail of questions in the exam simulator. Otherwise, this is a great program that I have recommended to several of my friends who are now PM PrepCast students themselves!

Highland, USA

PM PrepCast Exam Simulator Review

Monica Gupta

I am thankful to PM Prep Cast for preparing comprehensive simulator to test the readiness of PMP exam. I scored above target and cleared my PMP in first attempt! 
I tried PM Prep Cast for exam simulation after going through PMBOK and other PMP prep books. I did many timed quizzes where I score below or above target at times. I started doing premium PMP exams two weeks before the exam and mostly acquired between 65%-70%. I found those exams very challenging and tested the knowledge in deep.  
Regarding the real PMP:  Most of the exam questions were situation based and most of the questions ended with "what step would the project manager take first". These are tricky questions but in my opinion if you prepare and practice extensively you will know the answer after going through all choices. 
Time is crucial. In my last segment I did not get chance to review all questions or even review the flagged ones, be very vigilant about the time you are using per question. 
I thank Cornelius Fichtner for creating fantastic material for PMP exam preparation. Wishing you all the very best. 



Sumit Chopra

PMP Exam Simulator is excellent. Cleared my exam in 1st attempt after reviewing all 1610 questions which is exactly the same format as PMP exam (I had experience giving PMP exam twice as i was not lucky to find this simulator during 1st attempt. Just read PMBOK & solved other reputable author exam questions which was no way close to this simulator and actual PMP exam questions.) I highly recommend PM Simulator questions to must prepare if you are serious to clear exam on 1st attempt. Lastly thanks PM PrepCast team for exceptional support to clarify any questions which we may have during preparations. Last thing for extra piece of mind for pmp aspirants during 1st attempt of simulator questions I scored average 60-65% (FAILED 6 exams) but that was enough score for cracking actual exam. So dont be disappointed if you see FAIL in simulator questions :)

Perth, Australia, Schlumberger

The Exam Simulator is a MUST!

Kyle Kamischke

I took both courses that applied to PMBOK 6th ed. and 7th ed. since I was enrolled when the courses shifted to the 7th ed. All the content provided in the courses is invaluable when studying to take the PMP. It's also crucial that you take advantage of the exam simulator. Without that, I would not have stood a chance of passing the exam. Since I took advantage of that, I was able to pass the exam with Above Target in all (3) areas. I felt very prepared going into the exam, and it's all thanks to this program. I would highly recommend the PM PrepCast to any aspiring project managers looking to get their PMP certification.

United States

PrepCast makes a different


I found PrepCast PMP Exam simulator a tool that makes a difference and brought my effort up to a different level.

Quizzes worked well as a quick tool to practice a certain knowledge area/domain. I used them also for random pool of questions tailored for a moment.The 4 exams are very realistic. It helped me prepare well to the real PMP exam. I found valuable knowledge studying an explanation and details for questions.

PrepCast wasn't the only source I used, but definitely it was the game-changer.



Highly Recommended

Luana Denardi de barros

Great content and pool of questions. Supported me a lot in my learning and preparation journeys for the PMP Exam. Highly recommended! 



George Bursha

The PM PrepCast and Simulator explains, elaborates, and reinforces the information published by the PMI regarding the body of knowledge required to be mastered for the PMP exam. The additional value it provides however that sets it apart is in the energy of the instructor and the mindset one must have to sit for the exam and approach daily scenarios using this body of knowledge. I purchased the product assuming I would learn explicit information, but it was the tacit knowledge that the product instills and the mindset that made me successful to pass the exam. I'm very thankful to have purchased the product. I did not realize until I took the exam how much it would be required to be a practicing project manager to be able to pass and when that practice is narrowed to only your individual experience you need a broad brush. The PM PrepCast and associated simulator provides it. You must learn approach above all, and this was the value proposition.  Thank You!

Lincoln Park, United States

I passed my exam!!!

Julia Sizemore
Infinity Tech

I am so grateful for the PM PrepCast program. I had 6 weeks to obtain my CAPM and I don't know if it would have been possible without the PM PrepCast. I scored above target in every single domain! This program is worth your time and money, it set me up for success and I have no doubt it will set you up for success, too (as long as you put the work in). 

Port Richey , USA, Infinity Tech

Must have

Michael Hughes

The PM PrepCast Simulator is a must have. By far the best thing to help prep you to pass the test in your first attempt.

Hilliard, United States

I passed on the first try!

Mary Walters

The PM PrepCast was an excellent tool for me to study at my own pace. I followed the study guide that was provided and watched all of the videos, not just the required videos. My best advice is to give yourself many breaks from studying, not just on the same day, but also make sure to give yourself a day/night off or two to allow the material to sink in. I've always been nervous about test-taking, but I assure you I was well-prepared to pass the test. In fact, my test feedback revealed that I exceeded the goal, which made all of the days, nights, and weekends of study well-worth the effort.


Roswell, USA, Rubicon

Thank you

Dan Kertes

Dear PM PrepCast team and managmanagers.
I want to thank you for enabling my successful PMP bid. Your tests and responses to comments have helped me gain and expand my knowledge and facilitate obtaining the PMP certificate. The ability to practice for the exam and learn from each question has contributed to reduced stress and expanded understanding of the PMI way of thinking. I gained expertise in areas not my work nor classes prepared me to address. So thank you again, and continue to help others in their journies 
We will meet again.

Madrid, Spain

Passed on my first try


I just wrote my exam and passed on my first try The PM PrepCast was a great resource l listened to every single one of the videos but didn't do too well on the stimulation and that was stressful. l took my exam and just got the email, l passed. Thank you PM PrepCast for helping me realise my dream.

MOUNTLAKE TER, United States

A must have


The PM PrepCast really helped me prepare for my exam by training my mind to think a certain way and assisting in getting accustomed to reading scenario based questions and multiple choice answers, reasoning and time management! I highly recommend this to those intending on doing a PMP certification!


Very helpful Simlator

Sateesh Kolluri

I have got all lengthy questions. PM PrepCast has got many lengthy questions, which have helped me pass the exam, especially finish within time.


PMP Quiz Simulator is a great tool

Derek Coulson

The PMP Prepcast Quizzes were challenging but worth the work. The quiz simulator matches the test format and explains why each answer is either right or wrong. This tool contributed to me passing the PMP on my first try!


PrepCast is all you need!

Hilary Thran

I really enjoyed the PMP PrepCast Exam Simulator! I took the practice quizzes and then eventually exams every night for about 2 months, aiming to accomplish 50-100 questions a day. When I would get any questions wrong, I would read why it was wrong and it really helped me to learn/absorb the material. On the PMP exam, I got Above Target in all areas and received my PMP certification! I could not have done it with PM PrepCast and have recommended it to all my colleagues!! Thank you PM PrepCast! 

Wilmington, NC, US, IBM

Best PMI PDU experience


I was in crunch mode to fulfill my PDUs for PMP renewal and I discovered this "deal" through PM PrepCast and I must say it not only delivered the necessary PDUs but the course was so comprehensive, perfectly paced and truly delivered real world lessons that I continually fall back on what I learned form the course.  I was incredibly pleased with the depth of topics and the breadth of the materials.  Again, it delivered beyond the requirements and I was motivated to pursue additional certifications where I fully embraced the Agile methods. 

San Francisco

PMP in 60 Days

Boeing Aerospace

60 days after starting The Project Management PrepCast, I passed the Project Management Professional Exam.  Thanks to the in-depth analysis of the PMBOK and Agile practices, along with the PMP Exam Simulator, I passed the exam with relative ease.  The level  confidence I had going into the exam was indescribably high.  I highly recommend The Project Management PrepCast to anyone serious about passing the PMP Exam the first time.

San Antonio, United States, Boeing Aerospace

PMP Exam Prep

Brady Haslebacher

I did my PMP training in October of 2021 and didn't really focus well on taking the test. I spent 5 months procrastinating and felt like I was way behind the curve. 1 month out I started the Prepcast Exam practice tests. I took 4, the first 3 in the low-mid 60's and the third a low 70. I scored WELL above Above Target on the exam in May! The questions on this practice exam are way more in-depth and require a lot more thought than the actual exam does. I wouldn't have been ready for the test if it weren't for this exam prep test!



Zoumana TOGOLA

I think this PM PrepCast is a very very good tool to prepare PMP exam. At the begining, i was thinking the trainer will teach in difficult language but no, he simplify avery thing through some examples. As english is not my mother language but i am understand very good what you are saying. I just start Agile, once i will finish that i will continuous with next step.  Thanks.

Bamako, Mali

Agile Prepcast feedback

Pratik Joshi

This is not my first time using Agile PrepCast. I used Agile PrepCast lessons to PASS my PMP in first attempt.
I really enjoyed these lectures. It helped me to pass in first attempt both PMI ACP and PMP exam. Cornelius's teaching style is too good. He explains concepts with a lot of details. 
 Agile prepcast Questions are very difficult in a way they prepare you very well for the exams. Highly recommended!


Excellent experience

Jon Cowell
Managing Member

I found the content in the PM PrepCast to be excellent and I learned the appropriate information and PMI terminology to successfully pass the exam above target.
I highly recommend that you spend time studying the PMBOK guide along with the PM PrepCast as recommended by Cornelius.
I also found the PMP Exam Simulator to be extremely useful and beneficial, and highly recommend it. The exam simulator provides insight and prepares your mindset for the types of questions on the actual exam. The exam simulator not only provides practice for the types of questions on the exam but provides reporting and feedback for the areas where you need to improve your knowledge to successfully pass the exam.
Great job producing an excellent product!

Carlsbad, United States, Managing Member

The Exam Simulator is where its at!

Lee Bormuth

 My situation was a little different. I took the PMP and passed back in 2008 - However, I let the PDUs slide and upon interviewing for a different position, an active credential was a requirement. I had 6 months from the date of hire to re-certify.

 I kicked myself repeatedly for letting the time lapse, as I remember all too well the amount of time and study it required to pass. Back then the exam was heavy in EV (20 + formulas) and had little, and I would say close to nothing related to Agile methodology so I knew I needed to find a comprehensive course.

At the beginning I downloaded the PrepCast lessons as podcasts and would listen to and from my commute to work (as a program manager). But I found that reinforcement worked better and started to attack the quizzes and exams in the simulator. Being able to see the answers, explained, really drove the point home.  After 60 quizzes of different types, areas of focus, etc. and all 4 practice exams I was able to pass the exam successfully on the first attempt! 

Thank you Cornelius!

Merrimack, United States

I felt SUPER prepared

Veronica Norman
CHOC Hospital

Today I took my PMP certification exam, and because of the timed quizzes and simulated exams through PM PrepCast, I was able to pass on my first attempt! I passed Above Target on all three domains. 

The exam was so similar to what you see in these simulated exams. Just put the adequate study time in and you’ll do great! Don’t give up! 

Newport Beach, USA, CHOC Hospital

PMP preparation

Siddhartha SHARMA

I would like to thank for providing us this PM Exam Simulator which is essential in preparation of PMP exam. I passed with AT/AT/AT and i have answered around 1900 questions of simulator and obtained 64% 69% 69% 79% in those four simulator. The PM PrepCast is best tool to prepare for PMP Certification. I would highly recommend to anyone desiring to prepare pmp using The PM PrepCast, the money invested will lead to the success.

Montreal, Canada



I used PrepCast exam simulator to study and check my knowledge before the PMP exam. It helped me a lot to get used to the structure of the questions, to master the most complicated topics and learn how to manage time during the exam. 
I recommend to invest and purchase 3 months before the exam. 


Cleared my PMP Exam with Flying Colours


Hi All,

I subscribed to the PM PrepCast's PMP Exam Simulator in October 2021. I should say this has been the best investment I had made in 2021. Really I would like to thank Cornelius Fichtner for this excellent product which helps students to understand the PMI's way of thinking.

Ever since the day I subscribed, I made a point to take quizzes on the Simulator everyday. I had carefully planned the 4 exams available on the simulator and scheduled them in such a way that I could write the final 4th exam just 1 week before the real exam. This way I got used to sitting for 4 long hours.

What went well: The real PMP exam is nothing like any of the mock exams written. The questions are very ambiguous. The answer choices do not match the question. Only because I was well prepared with the Prepcast's quizzes and exams, I was able to narrow down to the 2 best choices and  was able to cull the other irrelevant options easily. Out of the total 180 questions I had got only one question from Cost Management formulas. And I had one drag and drop question.

What didn't go well: I had scheduled my PMP Exam on January 6th 2022 at one of the Pearson VUE test centers. But got a mail on 4th saying that my exam was cancelled due to closure of the test center due to Covid. So I had to reschedule my exam from my home using my personal laptop.

I wish all those preparing for the PMP exam best of luck.


Test advice


I prepare my Pmp certification with PM PrepCast and it was the only way I could have my pmp certification. Those tests get you ready as you will be never had for the exam. Just trust the prepared tests.



Baz D

I have been through a lot in the past year and a half but small incremental improvements with utilizing this PMP ExamSsimulator really helped me on the path to success. By far this was the best material to study, I literally did not do anything else but questions on a daily bases until I PASSED MY EXAM FOR THE FIRST TIME today!!!!! The questions were very similar as in the simulator. 

Thank you for providing such a great tool, 


Great Tool

Rodel Panganiban

The PMP PrepCast is really a great tool to use in preparing the exam. It really helped me a lot, thanks for providing this. 


Mario Aullet's Testimonial

Mario Aullet

Other than the PMBOK, the PMP PrepCast was my main study resource for my PMP certification. I was very pleased with the content and the flexibility to access it over any Internet-enabled device. I accessed it while commuting to work in my tablet or smartphone, in the evenings through my desktop PC, etc. The content was very thorough and very well laid out, I would recommend it to anybody preparing to take the PMP exam!   


Excellent training and simulator

Andres Baliero
Transnational Foods LLC

I only used the PMBOK guide, the PM PrepCast training and the PMP Exam Simulator and passed the exam with 3 ATs. I will totally recommend the course. What was a keystone for me was using the PMP Exam Simulator to close the knowledge gaps and what areas I needed to re focus. 

Pembroke Pines, United States, Transnational Foods LLC


John Paul Fernandez
Universal Access and Systems Solution

For those who are preparing for the PMP exam and if you came across this PMP Exam Simulator, please please please don’t ever doubt! You are in the right path. This is a very good tool as this will really help you to get your PMP certification. All the questions are legit hard but it will help you to develop the best strategy on how will you understand the questions (because some of it you really need to choose the best answer) and manage your time on the real PMP exam. Definitely worth to buy! Philippines represent! 

Antipolo, Philippines, Universal Access and Systems Solution

3 Above Targets!

John S

PrepCast PMP Exam Simulator was the missing piece of my PMP preparation strategy. The quality, variety and difficulty of the questions provided a challenging practice test scenarios.  The thorough explanations for each questions (and choices) accelerated my study program.  After 4 practice exams and a variety of exams to focus on weak areas -- I passed the PMP exam with 3 Above Targets.
The challenge of the PrepCast Exam Simulators provided the confidence, experience, and knowledge to be successful on the actual exam.
Thanks, John


PMP exam simulator - great product from PM Prep Cast

Ramkumar Chellapa

The PMP exam simulator was so worth full and genuine , which was helped me in clear PMP exam .


A perfect PMP exam simulator which let you grasp the concepts deeply and simulated the tricky nature


The PM PrepCast is really good in helping you to understand the concepts! I dreaded the readings of books with hundred over pages and decided to subscribe with prepcast. I keep doing the questions and gradually grasp the concepts through the thorough explaination PM PrepCast has for each question and each of its choices, allowing me to understand what went wrong. Its mock exams also trained me well in time management for each question.


What a great prep.

Ahmed Algadhibi

The PM PrepCast is very organized and helpful source. It helped me so much in passing the PMP exam. I have never regret subscribing with them. Thank you PM PrepCast!


Training for Project Management Professional (PMP)®, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®, and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®