For the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam from Project Management Institute (PMI)®:

The ITTO Memory Jogger Overview

Learn The Secret Behind Studying and Memorizing ITTOs

There are over 400 ITTOs in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide). Can you tell me what they are? The ITTO Memory Jogger will show you how!

Make sure that you are well-prepared on the day of your Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam. The ITTO Memory Jogger contains methods, tips, tricks and dozens of lessons learned that successful PMP® exam takers have used in the past to study and memorize the many, many Inputs, Tools, Techniques and Outputs from the PMBOK® Guide.

The Memory Jogger explains what ITTOs are and why they are SO important for the PMP Exam. It explains techniques for memorizing ITTOs and also looks at techniques to study ITTOs from a conceptual perspective. And it even includes an exercise that allows you to determine if you are more suited for ITTO memorization, ITTO conceptual study or a combination thereof.

So don’t get overwhelmed by all the ITTOs! Instead simplify your PMP exam ITTO studies by following the recommendations from The ITTO Memory Jogger.

Is your PMP exam at least 4-6 weeks in the future? Then this ebook is perfect for you!

Please note: The ITTO Memory Jogger was originally developed using the PMBOK® Guide - Fifth Edition. As you read through the book, some of the examples in trainer and student stories might seem a little out of date. However, the principles and concepts that you will learn remain relevant today. The ITTO Memory Jogger will show you a range of different approaches for remembering all the ITTOs, whatever version of the PMBOK® Guide your exam relates to.

Memory Jogger Benefits

Remember your ITTOs for the exam!

PMP Study Guide Benefits

  • Easily memorize ITTO concepts
  • Understand ITTO relationships
  • Reduce stress and frustration
  • Save time and increase focus
  • Organize ITTOs in your mind

Memory Jogger Features

Learn ITTO study/memorization techniques.

PMP Study Guide Features

  • Explains memorization techniques
  • Use with any other PMP prep tools
  • ITTO advice from PMP trainers
  • ITTO lessons learned from students
  • Concise and easy to follow

Memory Jogger Package

ITTO Study Techniques eBook + Podcast.

PMP Exam Study Guide Package

  • 21 Page PDF eBook
  • Exclusive 45 min Audio Podcast
  • Weekly PMP Exam Tips Newsletter
  • Experienced Education Provider
  • Just $4.99

Your Gold Mine for Expert Advice

Order Now - Just $4.99

We have spent countless hours of ITTO research so that you have access to the best available ITTO advice in one place. Your Memory Jogger contains the recommendations, wisdom and lessons learned from over three dozen experts!

Learn from their experience on how to successfully master PMP exam ITTOs through a combination of several study techniques.

PMP Trainer Advice
In this section you find the recommendations of three top PMP exam trainers. Cornelius Fichtner, Kevin Reilly and Dan Ryan have a combined total of 16 years in PMP exam training. Only The ITTO Memory Jogger contains their recommendations.
PMP Expert Advice
We also contacted five owners of successful PMP exam prep websites from around the world because they have learned about ITTOs from their website visitors and students. And so each of them brings you their own blend of insights and recommendations.
Student Lessons Learned
This particular section of the eBook is an absolute treasure trove of ideas, recommendations and tips from successful PMP exam students. You will find the best of the best lessons learned from over 30 other students that we have synthesized for you.

Sample Pages from The ITTO Memory Jogger (Click to Enlarge)

PMP Exam ITTO Memory Jogger Page
PMP Exam ITTO Memory Jogger Page
PMP Exam ITTO Memory Jogger Page
PMP Exam ITTO Memory Jogger Page
PMP Exam ITTO Memory Jogger Page

Includes the Exclusive 45 Minute ITTO Audio Podcast!

With your purchase of The ITTO Memory Jogger, you receive exclusive access to a 45 minute podcast in which Cornelius Fichtner, PMP explains the method that he used to successfully memorize and recall all ITTOs for his PMP Exam. This recording is not available elsewhere! But you can listen to a short sample right here:

Listen to a Free 80 Second Podcast Sample:

Your complete Memory Jogger audio recording introduces you to Cornelius's method and how you can use it to memorize the ITTOs for your PMP exam preparation. Easily follow along as Cornelius takes you step-by-step through the following three examples that will teach you how the method works and how to use it for ITTO memorization:

Shopping List
The shopping list example introduces you to the basic application of the method. Cornelius explains how he memorizes a shopping list and never forgets to buy anything on the list. In particular, this keeps him out of trouble with his wife...
EV Formula
The method is also great for memorizing all the complex formulas that you need to know for the PMP Exam. In less than 5 minutes, you will see how straightforward it is to memorize even the most complex PMP Exam formulas.
ITTO Example
This is the culmination that the previous examples are building up to. In the ITTO example Cornelius takes you step by step through the process of memorizing all of the ITTOs for the "Define Scope" process from the PMBOK® Guide.

Order Now - Just $4.99

And just so you know: The method that Cornelius used is not something that he invented himself. This is a well-established and scientifically supported method that has been in use for centuries. The ancient Greeks, the Romans, and monks in the Middle Ages have applied it. And in modern times you may even have seen it on the popular BBC TV Drama Sherlock where it is referred to as "the memory palace".

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