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30 Dec 2020 03:14
  • Reader2021
  • Reader2021's Avatar
Sharon, I am new to this portal and not sure how to touch base with you outside this forum.
I bought the Prepcast exam simulator 2021 but did not activate it yet. I have the PMBOK 6 and Agile. I initially thought I will be ready to take the test by end of December but due to work pressure only got 6-7 days and that was not enough for preparation so rescheduled the date to end of February. This week I am off work and would like to setup some study plan. I have read Crosswind by Tony and randomly referred PMBOK. I understand I need to finish PMBOK before trying to take the Prepcast quizzes. I kind of memorized 49 processes using Vargas video but when I see different questions where you are or something I feel I mess it up. Let me know how I connect with you. If you want I can share my email address. Thank You
30 Dec 2020 02:59
  • Duon Martin
  • Duon Martin's Avatar
Sharon I'm just curious, did you take your exam at home on the 28th? I went to a test center, and of course I failed as well. The questions was really long and I couldn't gather my thoughts once I got to the end to select an answer. Some of the short questions I felt like they wasn't giving me enough information to select an answer. To sum it all up, it was a very hard test and I still was really close when I took a look at my analysis on where I fell overall. What were your marks? I had above target on initiating & monitoring & controlling. Below target on planning & closing. Needs improvement on the biggest one, executing. I take it that you're not going to attempt the 2020 exam in the next day or so? Have you read the Agile book? I didn't look at it yet, but I have it. I know that's going to be included on the 2021 exam
30 Dec 2020 01:20
  • Sharon S
  • Sharon S's Avatar
That sounds great! I just started the study group. So far it's just the two of us. I plan on taking the exam in March. Full disclosure I took the exam on 28 Dec after studying only 21 days and, of course, did not pass. I've learned a lot oof what I did wrong and what I should have done after talking to my friends who did pass. I plan go through my lessons learned so that we can develop a study plan. That is one of the things I did wrong-not develop a study plan. When would you like to start collaborating?
30 Dec 2020 00:42
  • Reader2021
  • Reader2021's Avatar
Hi Sharon,

I am planning to take the exam in February and would like to join your study group.

Thank you!
28 Dec 2020 22:44
  • Sharon S
  • Sharon S's Avatar
Looking for a study partner for the 2021 exam. I plan to take the exam in March.
03 Dec 2020 15:38
  • Reena Pandya
  • Reena Pandya's Avatar
I am looking for a study partner for 3rd week of december for revisions
30 Nov 2020 18:29
  • Ahmed Khan
  • Ahmed Khan's Avatar

Are you still looking for study partner? For end of December?
29 Nov 2020 18:13
  • PMP Aspirant
  • PMP Aspirant's Avatar
Based on my research on the new PMP exam and the underlying eligibility changes, it appears to me that PMI will stop acknowledging/accepting the completion of video courses of PMP in lieu of 35 hours of project management education which are required to become eligible for PMP exam. Currently, if you are planning to take the PMP exam, you are supposed to take a PMP course (from a Recognized Education Partner of PMI) whether in person, virtual or just watch the recorded video lectures/course and that will fulfill 35 hours PM education requirement for the PMP application.

Starting Jan 2, 2021, PMI will not accept the completion of recorded video lectures/courses of PMP and you will be required to take an in person, online or virtual course (from a REP) which can cost you in thousands of dollars. PMI will not accept any other form of 35 hours of PM education, (recorded video lectures will not get you the required 35 hours).
In my opinion, anyone who is planning to take the exam in next 1 year should work on their PMP application now and get it approved (by fulfilling the 35 hours of project management education by watching the video lectures which would cost you around $10 as compared to the live PMP classes which would cost you in thousands of dollars) before the new exam requirements and eligibility criteria kicks in in 2021.

If anyone thinks that my perception about the new exam/eligibility criteria around project management education isn't correct, please chime in.
25 Nov 2020 20:37
  • Cornelius Fichtner
  • Cornelius Fichtner's Avatar
PMI has completely changed the rules: The only approved course is the new "PMI developed PMP Exam Prep Course" that is delivered as a LIVE (no recording!) training to you from Authorized Training Partners.

Please see here for a course description: www.project-management-prepcast.com/pmp-exam-prep

And yes... this is the only official course. All Authorized Training Partners must deliver the same, PMI materials.
04 Nov 2020 13:16
  • Looking for study partner for PMP
  • Looking for study partner for PMP's Avatar
hello dear all,

I am Looking for study partner for PMP exam prep, for taking exam by dec 31st , 2020

please let me know if interested
27 Oct 2020 16:49
  • Namz
  • Namz's Avatar
I’m just starting off my prep & I want to fully dedicate my focus & time to PMP prep.
27 Oct 2020 16:46
  • Namz
  • Namz's Avatar
I’m just starting off my prep.
I want to give dedicated time to preparation so looking for a study partner. Intend to take exam around the same time frame.
30 Sep 2020 16:28
  • Gracie L
  • Gracie L's Avatar
My name is Grace, my exam scheduled early December, I have self studied PMbook & Rita 9th Edition twice, currently on my 3rd time reading while Taking exams from Exam simulator randomly but with rather low scores.
to Improve my score rate, I am looking for a study partner either online or situated in Stockholm, Sweden. My initial idea are for exchange study plans, experience, feedback, review as well as practice some of difficult knowledge area together. Sounds good? please leave your contact mail or DM me . Thank you for your time!
29 Sep 2020 20:28
  • hMary
  • hMary's Avatar
hello Marsh, I was just searching for a study partner and this came up. If you are still interested please let me know i plan to write the exam 1st week in December.

26 Sep 2020 01:07
  • Marsha
  • Marsha's Avatar
I am looking for a PMP Exam study partner in Toronto, Canada . Would like to write the exam October/November 2020. If interested and serious about studying, send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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