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Comparison of our PMP Exam Prep Products

  120x65-minilogos-prepcast 120x65-minilogos-simulator 120x65-minilogos-formulas
Primary focus  Complete PMP prep course Practice with realistic questions  Explains the formulas
Download immediately  Yes    Yes
24/7 online exam access   Yes  
Includes Video  Yes    
Includes Audio  Yes    
Includes PDF Yes    Yes
1,800 exam questions   Yes  
Email Course Bonus Item  Yes Yes  Yes
35 Contact Hour Certificate  Yes    
Price $179.99 $99.99 (90 days) $29.99

The PM PrepCast™

The PM PrepCast is targeted at anyone who is looking to receive "classroom style" training for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam on their tablet, smart phone or PC. It is a series of about 120 video and audio lessons that you watch at your own pace and following your own schedule. They will teach you everything you need to know for the exam. You receive a certificate for 35 contact hours upon completion of our Final Exam.

If you are looking for a complete PMP exam training then The PM PrepCast is for you.

The PM Exam Simulator™

Prepare for your PMP® Exam day by practicing in an online testing environment, that recreates the "PMP® Exam feeling" for you. Answer 1,800 highly realistic PMP® Exam sample questions and receive detailed explanations why a given answer was right or wrong. See yourself get better with every question you answer.

If you want to practice your exam then The PM Exam Simulator is for you.

PM Formulas™

The PM Formulas are for anyone who wants to make sure that they understand the math behind Earned Value, Forecasting, Future Value, ROI and nearly 50 other concepts needed for the exam. We not only explain the formulas that you need on the PMP exam in detail and give you clear examples, we also explain how to interpret the results and give you over 100 questions to test yourself.

If you want to make sure that you know all the formulas for the exam then The PM Formulas are for you.