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Student Profile: C. John Tisi, MBA, PMP

CJT CPP Photo 04 15 2018UPON getting “riffed” in December of 2016, I had begun thinking how could I enhance my abilities so that this would NOT happen again and provide me and my family with the SECURITY we need.  At this point in time, I was eligible for unemployment insurance, which I had taken advantage of while looking for work and planning for my future.  Early on in the unemployment process, I had inquired about the availability PMP Certification from the staff at the local NYS Unemployment Office in Carmel had indicated that it was available, but it was subject to me passing a test, which would determine my ability to proceed under auspices of the NYS Unemployment Educational Program at their expense—cost of course about $ 2,700.

Upon taking the examination and passing the skills test, I had been qualified to proceed and take the course offered and introduced to the Staff at Brewster Technology (BT); that is, how ALL of this began, and they eventually referred me to OSP International.
Being introduced to the staff at BT, they assured me from the beginning that if I had committed myself to doing the work, I would PASS.  Upon qualifying for the PMP Class at BT, I had been told by BOTH the people at NYS Unemployment and the staff at BT, that the examination was difficult and that MANY people GIVE UP (I can see why)  . . . . During the course of the class, I had attempted to compile all of this “stuff” in my mind and did NOT want to either drop out or fail.  Instead, I wanted to apply myself by doing the work while keeping in mind that I NEVER want to be out of work AGAIN!
How important do I think it is for new students to read the official PMP Handbook from PMI?

 EXTREMELY!! Well, I had leveraged a STUDY PLAN based on what a colleague had suggested as template tailoring it to my specific needs modifying it as necessary throughout the classes and leading up to the ACTUAL Test (really, this is NOT a big deal; once you start; it became a routine).  With respect to my study plan, I had read and re-read BOTH the PMBoK and Rita’s book—TWICE, doing the practice exercises and re-doing them and reviewing them several times, going over my notes, committed to memory “the GRID” consisting of the 47 processes, teaming with my classmates—who wanted to succeed, taking several other tutorial classes (The PM Tutor) to fill in the gaps increasing my understanding of the interrelationships and correlations of the 47 processes.  Reading it ONCE does not do the reader justice, but it should be read laying the foundation of what is to come . . .    
I recommend that other students do in the last week before they are scheduled to take the exam?

 WELL, continue taking the OSP International SIMULATED Examination Questions (well, initially I had taken ONLY 1200 Questions) and had been getting progressively better with the SIMULATED QUESTIONS, and I had FAILED in December of 2017.  However, continuing to study from January to March 2018, at that point, I had taken the full complement of simulated questions (1600 questions—Sunday, March 18, 2018) and PASSED the examination on following Monday--March 19, 2018!!  The IMPORTANT thing here  . . .  is that I did NOT give up, and now, I am working again applying the knowledge learned and could not be happier.

- C. John Tisi, MBA, PMP


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